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Busting Myths About Opioid Cover Image

Busting Myths About the CDC’s Opioid Guidelines

​Busting Myths About the CDC’s Opioid GuidelinesIn 2016, the Centers for Disease Control issued new guidelines intended to help bring the budding opioid crisis in America under control. Just months after the new guidelines went into effect, surveys indicated that more than 2/3 of patients who had been prescribed opioids saw their medication levels significantly […]

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Urine Testing Run Amok Cover Image

Urine Testing Run Amok

Is Urine Testing Being Done on the Right People?The drug testing industry has always resided on somewhat shaky ground. People you would think should be drug tested on a regular basis, like airline pilots, are rarely tested for anything other than alcohol, while office workers are often subjected to either regularly scheduled or random five-panel […]

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Pee Tape Themed Video Proves Donald Trump Moves the Needle Even in Russia

Pee Tape Themed Video Proves Donald Trump Moves the NeedleLove him or hate there’s one thing that has to be said about the unorthodox American president: he’s good for business. Since his election subscriptions to the New York Times have increased a hefty 42%, viewership of CNN is up some 20% since their predictions of […]

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US Army in Maryland Using Urine to Generate Power

US Army in Maryland Using Urine to Generate Power”Urine” isn’t a word that comes up a lot when people are discussing alternative or renewable energy sources. In fact, it’s not a word that tends to come up a lot no matter what is being discussed. But in a lonely Army Research Lab at the unheralded […]

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Is Urea the Same as Uric Acid?

Is Urea the Same as Uric Acid?There is a ton of confusing, often misleading information out there today regarding urea and uric acid. Most of it goes something like this: “Urea and uric acid are two names for the same thing” or “Our synthetic urine product contains uric acid, the only thing you’ll need to […]

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Health Officials Warn of the Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Health Officials Warn of the Dangers of Synthetic MarijuanaIn an attempt to get ahead of the curve on a burgeoning public health crisis officials in Jackson, Mississippi have issued a dire warning about the dangers of synthetic marijuana. While the designer drug has not as of yet turned up in the city, civic leaders believe […]

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Home Visit Nets Hydroponic Marijuana and More

Home Visit Nets Hydroponic Marijuana and MoreWhile conducting a home visit on a certain Jose Andres Salaiz a probation officer in Alice, Texas spotted what he characterized as “drug paraphernalia” in plain view. As a result, he asked for and was given consent to search the Salaiz residence (being on probation Salaiz had little choice […]

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The Big Business of Testing Employees for Drug Use

The Big Business of Testing Employees for Drug UseWith record low unemployment, a surging stock market and wages finally pointing upwards after years of stagnation the US economy is looking good these days. One (perhaps unintended) effect of the robust economy is that some companies have decided to look the other way when it comes […]

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What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test?Drug tests are performed every day throughout America and the rest of the world, for various reasons. Certain jobs require candidates to take a pre-employment screening as part of the application process, and some employers carry out random tests over the course of your employment. If you are […]

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How Performance-enhancing Drugs Work

Performance-Enhancing DrugsHow They Work & Affect Your BodyThe use of performance-enhancing drugs is all too common amongst athletes, whose desire to win leads them to ignore the severe side effects of these substances. There are many types of performance-enhancing drugs available, and they come in different forms such as pills or ointments. We see tests […]

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