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Are You Risking Your Job Using it?

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This review was last updated on December, 2018.

Before we start these XStream urine reviews, let's try to paint a picture for you first, shall we?

So you went to a party Saturday night, and there were some people there passing around some weed. You've been good lately and thought "Eh, what harm could it do to take a few hits?" Then you got to work Monday and were notified as per the labor agreement you work under, that you had been selected for a random urine test tomorrow. What do you do? It was just a few puffs. You barely got a buzz going. And now you might lose your job? Does that sound about right to you?

It's not fair, but you have to figure out some way to deal with it. So what do you do? If you're like thousands of other individuals who face the same issue every day, you'll likely conclude that fake pee, like X-Stream, might hold the key for you. But what exactly are they anyway?

Let's get into a quick history lesson about it.​

X-Stream: A Pocket History

Fake pee - or ‘synthetic urine' to use the more socially acceptable term - was first developed a couple of decades ago for companies that manufacture testing equipments. See, they were in a bind because they needed to know if their machines worked, but they couldn't ask their engineers to be peeing into cups all day. So they needed another reliable source of pee that was inexhaustible.

They rang up some labs and asked them to devise artificial samples which the labs did.

The machine manufacturers then had all the samples they could ever hope for, and a few enterprising folks at the lab realized they could market this same products to people who were being tested by these machines. Today there are dozens of brands in the market, including X-Stream urine and people all over the world use it to combat ever more intrusive screening schemes.


Are They All The Same?

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Here’s the thing; when products like X-Stream first hit the market, substance screenings was in its infancy. For quite a while, those lab machines used the presence of the chemical ‘urea' to verify that a sample was actually pee and not simply some doctored water. After a while, those designing the tests realized that urea wasn't always a reliable marker and so they shifted the focus of the machines to check for uric acid. In some cases, they just replaced the urea test with the uric acid test, and in other cases, they kept the urea test and added the uric acid test as well.

This has led to all kinds of confusion as you'll see if you spend any time reading a bunch of online reviews like we do. But there’s an easy way to get around it. Just make sure the product you purchase has both chemicals in it. This way the machine in question will find whichever chemical it’s looking for.

What are the Ingredients?

Just as there are certain ingredients that go into every brand of cola, there are only so many ingredients that are used to make X-Stream or any other brand that you might choose. If there are differences between brands, those differences are usually embodied in the specific mixture rather than the ingredients. For instance, some might have higher levels of sodium and others might not. You can find out more details about it by reading our synthetic urine review page.

But the most important thing is that the product you buy should contain both urea and uric acid so that you cover all potential bases. All that said, the ingredient list for XStream urine contains creatinine, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, protein, amino acids, urea and uric acid with a trace amount of other things thrown in. You'll notice that it contains both urea and uric acid, which should make it a good option if you're facing an imminent test.

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How Much Does it Cost?

We’ve seen X-Stream online for $19.95, and we've seen it for $29.95 and just about every price in between. They all seem to be the same product so why the cost difference? Not sure. The bottom line, however, is that it's not a lot to pay to potentially save your job. But, as we said above, if you want the best chance to pass that upcoming test we'd recommend you purchase something that really works. 

There are a bunch of other factors that comes into play when talking about artificial pee and urinalyses. All of which we're going to talk about in just a second.

But Does X-Stream Work?

pee sample

While there are lots of people out there for whom X-Stream has done the trick, there are also some that we've heard that failed. We've also heard horror stories that, in a few cases, labs called people out for submitting fake samples which is a nightmare. So while the product has obviously helped some people, we can't give it a hale and hearty thumbs up because of the number of negative reviews that it has garnered over the years.

There's a chance that some of these people who failed their tests or who were outed by submitting fake samples simply didn't prepare their XStream solution properly. Or maybe they were being watched while they submitted their container and didn’t realize it. Or maybe the temperature was off and that caused them to fail. 

But whatever the cause of the negative stories, there were enough for us to say you’re probably better off just using a better brand like Quick Fix instead.

The reason why we like it so much is because of pretty much everything about it. It has every ingredient that you need in order to pass for a real sample, as well as a proper heating agent that doesn't go over or under what is expected. It just works. The number speaks for itself.

Also, the brand has been doing an amazing job keeping up with the technology. Wait till you see how many times they've updated their product. You'll be shocked!

Where Can I Buy X Stream Urine?

There are a number of websites selling XStream Urine. You can get them from a few larger sites like eBay, and also from some smaller sites which seem like they were set up by the guy next door.

Again though, you need to be aware that there are other products out there such as Quick Fix that have a better success rate and overall track record which is why it stands number one on our list. 

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As much as we like X-Stream, it just doesn't match up too well with Quick Fix. I mean, the product does work. It just doesn't every single time. Do you really want to have that thought in your head just before you go out and submit a sample? I didn't think so.

If you are keen to take that urinalysis on and beat it, then you can do so by clicking the button below where you'll find the best prices for Quick Fix. 


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When it comes to urine products, Quick Fix is easily our #1 choice.

This product has a 99.987% success rate meaning that it gives you the best chance of passing your drug test out of all the options that are on the market today.

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