What is the Best Synthetic Urine?
Does Fake Pee Really Work?

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Need to pass a drug test at work? ​Then you're gonna love ​this!

I feel your pain. Last week I landed an interview for my dream job, and they told me if things went well, I’d need to take a drug test or a urinalysis so I could get hired as fast as possible.

I was stoked! But as soon as they mentioned the urine lab test, my stomach dropped - I had partied a bit the week before and knew what the results would show. I wanted the job - but wasn’t willing to give up my lifestyle. (I mean, why do all that hard work if you can’t play hard too, right?)

I started researching on the web right away for ways that could help me pass this test. I came across a lot of detox tips - like chugging water or cranberry juice, which apparently don't work.

Other websites sold detox and cleanser pills that claimed to rid your body of the evidence, making you ready to give a clean urine sample in just 24 hours. But after I read the ingredients, it freaked me out imagining what it would do to my guts.

Man Anxious

It takes an active, healthy person up to six weeks to cleanse their body naturally, so there was no telling how long it would take a couch potato like me.

I didn’t have six weeks; I had more like six days.

I finally came across an option that I hadn’t even considered before. I got to say, I was a little shocked to find out that I was willing to go this far but I had no choice. ​So here's the idea...

Use ​synthetic urine to get the best chance to pass a drug test!

At first, I was kind of nervous to even think about it. What if I got caught? How would I sneak the stuff in? Does it even work at all? What if ​it's a supervised urinalysis? Hence ​the reason behind this completely awesome synthetic urine review that I made for all you guys that are in the same position that I was.

I had a lot of questions. But I did my research and spoke to a bunch of my buddies who helped me come up with a foolproof plan. I was ready, and I just went for it.

Sales in synthetic urine have rapidly shot up over the last decade due to the increase in self-administered drug tests.

Want to know how I succeeded in using fake piss for my mandatory urinalysis?

Here’s how I did it and what I learned from using synthetic pee to pass this darned drug test...

Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected in a Drug Test?

Sample Bottles

Before you start planning on how to sneakily bring in artificial pee for your drug test, let’s talk about what exactly is in the stuff first.

Here’s how it works:

Urea is found in real human urine, so of course, the top manufacturers of fake pee are going to include that ingredient in their product. Some makers of artificial piss say their fake pee contains uric acid, which they claim is the same as urea. Don’t let them fool you!

Drug testers have caught onto people using artificial piss and definitely tests for urea in the samples - which is not the same as uric acid. There’s no reason to take a gamble on something like this. You have only one shot to get it right.

Plus, how embarrassing would that be?

Don’t get called out on using fake piss and get the stuff that’s going to actually work for you.

The real question is, does synthetic urine work?  The answer is a resounding yes - IF - you have the right stuff!

​Artificial pee is your best bet for passing a self-administered urinalysis (if that is not obvious yet with this synthetic urine reviews article). Quality fake piss is just as undetectable as the real stuff - and is what the top drug testers actually use to calibrate their machines!

That’s right - drug testers use the best fake urine brands to calibrate their lab testing machines.

First, let's take a good peek on what type of drug test panels you might be facing.

empty urin container with filter

What are the Different Urine Drug Panels?

Not all of you might know but there are actually different drug panels and each of those test for different sets of substances. This means that you need to be aware of what sort of testing you're going to have to go through to better prepare yourself.

Here are the different substances each drug panel test for in your urine:

7 Panel

10 Panel

12 Panel






























Now let’s look at the biggest reason people get caught with artificial piss, so you know exactly how to avoid it.

Does Fake Piss Actually Work?

If you’re using high-quality ​fake pee, a urine analysis will not detect that you’re using synthetic urine. 

The biggest mistake that people make is using fake urine at an incorrect temperature.

Human urine leaves your body between 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. And drug test samples are tested for the temperature within a few minutes of you handing it over. You may think giving a room temperature sample will be sufficient, but it’s a dead giveaway that you’re trying to scam the system!

I’ve even heard of a guy who handed over a cup of cold pee, thinking it was just about the synthetic urine ingredients! Don’t be a dummy like him. 

Make sure you have a plan in place on how you’re going to warm up your fake piss to the right temperature and keep it warm long enough for you to turn in. Most of the good brands will have very specific instructions on how to do this - I used the best one available which I’ll talk more about later.


Also remember that you don’t want to turn in piss that’s too hot either, which can show that you have an acute fever and need to be hospitalized right away (or more likely, that you’re using artificial piss).

It’s more likely that the technician will assume you were an idiot who thought 110-degree piss could come out of your body. Knowing how to keep your fake pee warm can be deal breaker. It sounds like there are so many things that need to happen in order to pass a standard drug test but it really doesn't. Admittedly, there are a few things to remember but at the same time, this is what makes it easy to get through lab tests as well.

What are the Different Uses?

Before we get to the juicy details on how to sneak it in and warm it up, let’s take a look at some other reasons why people may want to have artificial ​pee. You have to remember, there are other things that are happening in this world outside of passing urine drug tests. So here are four other things that people use ​fake ​urine for:

1. Animal Repellent


Synthetic piss has been around for decades and has many uses. Gardening enthusiasts use urine as an animal repellent because it keeps rodents out of your favorite plants. When there isn’t enough clean and real pee, they may buy the synthetic stuff, which works just as well. It brings down the overall costs for the gardener.

2. Sexual Fantasies

Others might use it to satisfy a sexual fetish. There are people in the urine fetish community that may prefer buying synthetic pee for health and sanitary purposes and still be able to satisfy their sexual desires. Hey, whatever gets the job done, right?

3. Pranking Your Friends

prank button

Fake pee can also be the ultimate thing to prank your buddies with. Fling it in their face or pour it on their bed, the chances of your ass getting beat are greatly reduced as soon as they find out it was artificial pee. Plus, the smell is less likely to linger and be easier for cleaning up.

4. Passing Drug Tests

But honestly, the most common use for synthetic piss is using it to pass a drug test. Using the best fake pee means you don’t have to undergo some rigorous detox plan or take pills to cleanse your system, which can change the way you feel. And, you can keep smoking and be yourself.

No one should be able to mess with your lifestyle, right?

Alright - here’s the juicy details on how to hide this stuff for your drug tests:

​Synthetic Urine Kits & Urination Devices: How to Use Them...

First off, you have to choose a high-quality unisex product like Quick Fix. It is a synthetic urine product that works for both men and women. The technician won't be able to detect that you’re using fake piss by choosing the brand.

Once you have chosen a good synthetic urine brand, then you can begin planning on how to get it inside the facility where your drug test will take place. The most effective solution that people use nowadays are the Monkey Dong and the Monkey Whizz. ​And if you don't know what they are, they're synthetic urine kits or what we like to call "urination devices". The Monkey Dong is a fake penis with a bag attached to it where you can carry your synthetic urine in without anyone noticing. While the Monkey Whizz is a urination device made specifically for women. Both of which I have reviewed on this site, so you can check those out if you are really serious about passing this urinalysis.

Here is exactly what you need to do:

Heating pads
  • You will need a container or bag that is not too bulky to store your synthetic urine in. This part gets A LOT more complicated when it comes to supervised drug tests because you will flat out fail if you don't step it up. This is why we recommend using the Monkey Dong or Monkey Whizz because it looks just like the real thing. Then top it off with one of the best synthetic urine brands and you're golden!
  • You might also want to consider getting a thermometer strip, so you know the exact temperature of what you’re going to hand over. Like I said earlier, giving a sample that is the wrong temperature is the biggest mistake that people can make.
  • A heating pad that can be activated with a couple of shakes, just in case you have to re-warm your fake piss once you’re there. It's so easy to use and it just works, and if you're looking for a self heating pad brand that will fit in your junk seamlessly in plain sight then click here.
  • Wear tight underwear or leggings to hold your piss container against your body. This way it will stay warm longer, and won’t fall out of the bottom of your pants because that would be bad. This can be tricky so please watch what you're doing.

How to Prepare for the Test:

Thermometer strip
  1. Tape the thermometer strip to the liquid body flask.
  2. Microwave your fake piss for about 15 seconds, or until it reaches 110 degrees. The reason I say 110 degrees is so that your synthetic piss has time to cool down before you give your sample. If you heat it up to the ideal temperature (between 94 and 96 degrees), it will only cool down.
  3. Pour the fake piss into your flask.
  4. Double check the temperature on the thermometer strip. If it matches, you’re all set to go.
  5. Place the body flask in your underwear. If it’s irritating or directly rubbing against your skin, tie it over your underwear or wear leggings between your underwear and pants so that it stays in place.
  6. Show up for your urinalysis appointment. Duh. But make sure you brought your self-heating ​pad or agent to prepare for the next step.
  7. In the bathroom, read the temperature on your flask. If it is below 94 degrees, activate the self-heating pad and apply it to the flask until it reaches the proper temperature of 94-96 degrees.
  8. Shake the flask to create bubbles in the fake urine before pouring it into the sample cup.

The entire process is probably the easiest and the fastest out of them all.


Just run it over a few times in your mind and make sure to practice walking around with the flask tied to your body. The last thing you’d want is for your fake piss to run down your pant leg and give you away.

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to successfully pass a drug test. But we have compiled a list of things that you need to know beforehand so you can understand how everything works. 

Here are Some Urine Drug Test FAQ:

notepad that says "synthetic urine near me"

Drug tests are a serious matter. Your company pays for these tests to predict what kind of worker you will be.

You don’t want to be seen as the unreliable guy who people suspect are tweaked out on drugs. You also don’t want to be known as the guy who’s constantly hung over or strung out. If you're that guy, then your best chance of landing a promotion will be right out the window.

But what you do with your leisure time should be your business, especially if it doesn’t affect your work performance. Using synthetic pee can protect your privacy, your lifestyle, and get you hired!

So, if you want to learn how to pass your urine drug test just keep reading these tips and you'll get through it without a sweat. ​

Is Making Your Own, Worth It?

Another top searched phrase on Google is "how to make fake pee." Now I know what you might be thinking, can I save some money and make it myself? In my opinion, it is not worth it. If you make one mistake doing it, you will instantly fail. I would not risk a job for it. I'd leave that to the experts.

Technological advances in urinalysis these days can detect specific ingredients in synthetic urine. If you don’t want to get caught using fake piss to pass your drug test, you definitely need to buy a high-quality product. 

​Buying a low-quality artificial urine can harm your chances of passing so it’s super important to do your homework though, so you don’t get ripped off - or worse - caught. 

Does Powdered Synthetic Urine Work?

powder of synthetic urine

There are many questions floating around the internet about liquid and powdered artificial pee. The most common one is which one is better between the two.

Some say that liquid is better, some say that the powdered version is superior. Well, to make things easier for you, we tested them both.

After going through both types, we found that the liquid form is actually better for a number of reasons.

The most significant one being that it is already mixed and ready to go compared to the powdered one which you will have to do yourself. Would you risk it by doing it yourself or would you rather have the professionals do it for you? That's what I thought as well.

Anyway, here are some other ​synthetic urine reviews along with my recommendation for the ​fake pee brands that worked best for me.​

How Long is Synthetic Urine Good For (Shelf Life)? Does it Expire?

Well, the average shelf life of most synthetic urine is about two years but it does vary on the product itself as well. Also, it is important to note that in order to keep the product effective, you need to store it away from direct sunlight because it can possibly affect the quality of the product.

So, Which Brand is The Best for Passing Drug Tests Based on Our Reviews?

2oz pack 10

I did some extensive online research when I was figuring out which fake piss would work to pass the test. I read about all kinds of synthetic urine but only considered those that contained urea in them.

If it does not have that chemical in it, then there is a good chance your fake pee will get detected.

Many reputable brands on the market that seem to be high-quality and contain urea including Quick Fix, UPass, Magnum Detox, Clear Choice Sub-Solution, P-Sure, XStream, Urine Luck, Dr. Greens Agent X, Jet Clean, Urine The Clear, and Ultra Pure, all of which I have personally reviewed and tested. So, after all that work, which one has come out on top?

​What's Our Absolute #1 Choice?

The one I highly recommend because of successful personal experience (the rest did not even come close) is our #1 choice Quick Fix Plus 6.2. Their kits made the whole process super simple because they included a container, thermometer strip, and warmer, so I really didn’t have to think or plan too much in advance.

And the best part? IT WORKED.


Using synthetic urine to get through a drug test is simple enough if you follow the right steps but more importantly choose the right product.

Click the link above to learn more about the product which is hands down the top synthetic urine on the market and how it can help you beat your test!

Or if you just want to get it, check the link below. The product is on sale until the end of May.

Check out our video below for the full summary on what the best synthetic urine is for beating a drug test:

Where is the Best Place to Buy it?

There are tons of fake urine products on the internet. The question comes down to whether or not you can trust all of them. The worst thing that could happen is that you get caught!

So, don’t take the risk - use a brand that you KNOW will work. One of the most searched phrases online is "where to buy synthetic urine." Before you buy any product, you need to remember not all products are created equal. Some brands simply give you a sub-standard product.

Spectrum Labs worked for me and are one of the highest selling synthetic urine products available, so I’d highly recommend you start with that one.

Here is a testimonial from a well-known forum.  

testimonial for fake pee working

Also, be aware that great brands are sometimes bought in bulk during a liquidation sale. People will post the newest photos of the product but send you something that may be close to expiration.

So, check the dates before you buy anything. You may think you’re getting a top-rated artificial pee, but it won’t work if it’s expired.

Make sure the person you’re buying from is legitimate.

Another common thing that you might be thinking about right now is buying synthetic urine products locally through smoke shops or any nearby stores in your area. This is not a good idea either.

Smoke shops, local stores are known to have expired products, cheap knockoffs, or just plain crappy brands. Do not worry though, we have got you covered.

The most highly recommended place to buy where you will receive a decent sale price is DIRECTLY from the manufacturer. Normally, the cost of these types of high-quality products are pretty affordable, and you're probably going to get it at the cheapest price when buying directly from the official company or an approved reseller.

Click below to buy the best brand of synthetic urine directly and get the real-deal with overnight shipping available.  It's also on sale until the end of May so act fast if you want to save.


Buying the most effective fake urine

When it comes to synthetic urine, it is easily our #1 choice.

This product has a 99.987% success rate meaning that it gives you the best chance of passing your drug test out of all the options that are on the market today.

And if you're in a rush, overnight shipping is available!

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