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Urine Luck Review

Last Updated On: January 2020

Finally, it's here! We found the product that you guys are interested in and we're here to check it out before you buy it. On this Urine Luck review, you will get only the most honest take on everything that you need to know about Spectrum Labs Urine Luck and some that you need but don't know yet.

Let's start off that everyone makes mistakes. The problem these days is that employers aren't in a very forgiving mood anymore and have turned to substance screening to peer through the window of people's private lives. What might have been brushed aside with a slap on the wrist 20 years ago is now grounds for termination. Still, it's the way of the world at the moment, and so you need to find a way to deal with it because even one small indiscretion could easily turn into a pink slip. The solution many people have latched onto is a little thing called synthetic urine, which is a bit different than the Urine Luck product that we’ll be reviewing here.

Urine Luck is actually a detoxifying agent that you add directly to your sample to rid it of unwanted chemical compounds that could get you fired.

What is Urine Luck?

Urine Luck is not actually synthetic urine per se. Rather, it’s an additive that comes premixed and that you pour directly into your sample. The idea is that the chemicals in Urine Luck attack any unwanted chemical compounds in your piss that could betray you and the result is a nice clean result. It's a good idea and one that doesn't require you to do any mixing or heating into the testing room. A possible issue is that its effectiveness might be nullified somewhat depending on just how hard you've been partying.

urine specimen

Casual dippers will likely be okay. Those dedicated to living on the edge, however, may find they need something a bit more industrial strength to clean their sample. So, enough with the speculating and let's get into the things that we've found after we reviewed and tested this product ourselves. 

What are the Ingredients?

laboratory cylinders

The success of this product depends on keeping the proprietary formula hush hush. And because it isn’t something meant to be ingested, injected or inserted in any way into the body, the company is not compelled to publicly reveal the ingredients unless it contains dangerous corrosives or outright poisons, which it doesn’t. What it does contain, according to the manufacturer, is a mixture that works on all manner of toxins, is undetectable, and contains no pyridine, nitrites or glutaraldehyde. (Just a note to you fetish fans out there; you shouldn’t drink this stuff or ‘shower’ with it.)

How Much Does it Cost?

We've seen Urine Luck cleaner on sale for as little as $29.95 and as much as $49.95, but the price that comes up most often in regards to this product is $35. So, Urine Luck Pee Cleaner is a little more expensive than most products (we've actually reviewed a bunch of it on this page). We can only assume either because A) it's so good it's flying off the shelves, and the maker can charge whatever they want or B) it just costs a lot more to produce than straight up fake pee. We haven't seen a good explanation for the price from any other Urine Luck reviews, so our speculation is all we have.

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That said, for a product with a genuinely spotty record, unless it's handled perfectly it's our opinion that $29.95, $35 or $49.95 are all too much, and we would simply opt for the Quick Fix at $29.95. But that's just us.

Does Urine Luck Work?


Urine Luck additive is a popular product and also one of those that has spawned the greatest confusion surrounding its name. Some of our favorites are “You’re in Luck” and “Urine in Luck” along with “Ur in Luck” and “Urinluck." But funny names aside, the product has too many "ifs" attached to it for us to give it an enthusiastic endorsement. For instance, it won't help you much if you are a heavy drinker.

It won’t be much good if you’re being screened for nicotine either. If you stored it in the freezer and then thawed it before your test, it won't be as effective.

And it won't work great if you use it on your first load of the day since that typically contains the highest concentrations of toxins. That said if you use it in strict accordance with the instructions there’s a decent chance you’ll pass the test. But is that good enough for you?

Chances are if you agree to let your employer test you randomly for drugs you've probably determined that the job is worth it. In that case, do you really want to jeopardize your good job by using a product that provides you only a decent chance of passing your test? Or would you rather use something like Quick Fix that is genuine fake pee and has more than 99% pass rate? We know what we'd be opting for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Urine Luck include a temperature strip?

No, Urine Luck doesn’t include a temperature strip as the process of creating clean pee is different when using additives. The product is mixed with your pee when you're at the test facility. Just make sure that it’s not a strictly monitored test.

Can Urine Luck be heated more than once?

No, Urine Luck cannot be heated more than once because the additive comes in small vials that you mix with your pee. Reheating your sample will reduce the success rate considerably and should be avoided.

Can Urine Luck be heated to high temperatures?

No, Urine Luck should not be heated to high temperatures as this will break down some of its ingredients and also evaporate the liquid. This will then change the concentration levels of the key components which could be picked up during lab testing.

How long does Urine Luck last?

Urine Luck only lasts a couple of hours and is intended to be used immediately every test submission. The additive works by changing the chemical structure of certain elements associated with drugs and alcohol. But success rates drop a lot if it’s not used immediately.

Do urine additives work to create clean pee?

Yes, urine additives work to create clean pee, but the success rate of testing negative is quite a bit lower than using a completely synthetic product. Testing equipment has also become a lot more sensitive in recent years, meaning that these additives can sometimes be detected.

Can diluted urine cause a test failure?

Yes, diluted urine can cause a test failure because it doesn't have the expected concentration key elements. As soon as these concentration levels go above or below normal conditions, a sample will be flagged as unnatural.

Can Urine Luck be bought in regular stores?

No, Urine Luck cannot be bought in regular stores, and if you see it on a shelf somewhere, then be very careful that it’s the real product. Buying it directly from the company’s online store is the best way that you get an actual sample.

Can you store Urine Luck in a freezer?

No, you shouldn’t store Urine Luck in a freezer because it won’t extend the expected use-by date. The additive is mixed with your urine at the test facility, and using a frozen product can lower the temperature of your sample, causing a red flag.

What ingredients are used in Urine Luck?

The ingredients used in Urine Luck are not published, and the company keeps this information a proprietary secret. You get two vials of the active ingredients which are enough to mix in with a 3-ounce sample that you usually submit at a lab.

Does Urine Luck smell pungent?

No, Urine Luck doesn’t smell pungent, as it is an additive that you mix with your pee. Incorporating it into a sample doesn’t change the smell in any way, which is vital as this could cause a red flag during testing.

Where Can You Buy Urine Luck?

Is there even a Urine Luck store locator? To be honest, we don't believe so. Or if there are, it's not something that we would even trust. There you have it.

We’ve seen this product all over the Internet, from websites that look shadier than a street full of oak trees to some of the larger, more recognized sites like eBay. We’ve also heard it can be had at a lot of head shops, which is never a good sign since a lot of them tend to pick up old versions of this type of product on the cheap and then sell them like they were state of the art chemical solutions to all your problems.

For our money, purchasing Spectrum Labs Urine Luck pee detoxer (or “Urn Luck” or “Urin Luck” or whatever you would like to call it) isn’t worth the trouble no matter how shiny or shady the website is. We’d go straight for Quick Fix and have the reassurance that we've done the right choice. 

product's store locator

We appreciate what the manufacturer is trying to do here. We really do. They’re attempting to give people an easier way to ensure they submit a clean sample and for that, they should be applauded. However, their product needs more work before we can say “Go buy Urine Luck” and for now we’re sticking with our favorite brand, Quick Fix, which you can get straight from an approved reseller by clicking the button below. 


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When it comes to urine products, Quick Fix is easily our #1 choice.

This product has a 99.987% success rate meaning that it gives you the best chance of passing your drug test out of all the options that are on the market today.

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