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Thanks for visiting this part of our website. Not many people come around here. My name is Tim Brown and I along with Anna Miller run this website. While I write all the reviews, blogs and stuff, Anna handles the design and maintenance part.

About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) thanks to my tendencies to get stressed out on drop of a hat. I visited a lot of doctors but no one was of much help but as a coder, I was determined to solve this “problem”. After a lot of trial and error, I found cannabis really helped me with the cramps & and the abdominal pain.

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But then I had to face a new problem: urine tests at my day job. Luckily, I came across fake urine otherwise, I would have been jobless.

This site is my attempt to raise awareness about the medical benefits of cannabis and review products that I find useful for cannabis users.

Question & Answer

We are also dedicated to answering the common (and even the uncommon) questions regarding the world of synthetic pee. Many of you might ask if synthetic pee works. Adding another question, "how" if it does work. There are other questions about this topic that needs a lot of explanation, so we suggest that you take down notes especially when you are interested in buying a synthetic pee.

We aim to provide you an in-depth analysis of what the product is about, how it works, the process of how to use it, how much it costs, and where it can be bought. We also explain the science behind the product, in a way that everyone easily understands it. In the end, we give our verdict saying if this synthetic pee product is worth your buck.

After learning tips and tricks on passing your urine test from our website, we highly recommend that you try your learnings on your own, so you will know if it works for you or not. Feel free to provide feedback on your experience by leaving us comments or any suggestions you might find helpful for future references.

Hi, my name is Anna Miller, the creator, and author of Synthetic Urine Review. Born and raised in San Francisco, my family moved to Norwalk when I was 10 years old. My parents built a lumber company here, and until now, we are still operational. I spend most of my time managing our family business, and during free time, I love surfing the internet and writing content for different topics.

Writing became my hobby until one day; I decided to create a blog. There were too many topics in my mind to write, but when my good friend Tim Brown introduced me to the world of synthetic pee through his research and knowledge, I knew what I was going to write. We partnered together to bring you synthetic reviews to educate you and help you pass your urine tests.

Anna Miller

Tim and I are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need about synthetic urine, the explanation of the science behind it, product reviews, and many more. We are so excited to bring you more content so stay tuned for more updates!

You can also get in touch with me through the contact page as well as my Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channel.

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