Monkey Whizz Review: Does It Work?

Monkey Whizz

WARNING! Thinking Of Buying Monkey Whizz? Read This Review Before You Do!

Hey, got a drug test coming up?,I feel you. Not too long ago, I was in the same boat.

My boss hit me with a new drug testing policy for a new role I already had, telling me I’d have to take random drug tests from now on whenever he felt like it.

I freaked out at the thought of the man breathing down my back and controlling what I did outside of work.

But guess what? I found something that helped me pass my drug test with flying colors, and I didn’t even have to stop smoking weed.

It’s what I used for my first drug test and what I keep on hand for all the other tests that are gonna pop up in the future.

It’s called Monkey Whizz, and it’s an alternative piss product that looks, smells, and tests exactly like the real stuff. It works so well, I’ve helped my friends pass their drug tests, and I’m here to help you do the same.

Let’s see how Monkey Whizz can help you get a new job or keep your old one without tipping off the boss.

What Is Monkey Whizz Used For?

The morning I walked into my job and was told about the new policy of random drug tests was like any other day. Except I spent the rest of the afternoon freaking out about what I was going to do.

I looked up tips and tricks on how to detox and came across a bunch of weird stuff that others said didn’t work for them.

People suggested drinking cranberry juice, but it’s gotta be the real stuff - not the juice cocktail stuff. Some comments said drinking that only works if you smoked a little bit, but I was (and still am) a heavy smoker.

Sample bottle

Hey, I like to relax at the end of the day - gimme a break.

Other suggestions told me to drink a boatload of water, which didn’t sound like a party for my bladder. The guys at my job would start calling me a pansy if I stopped to piss every 15 minutes.

Other tips told me to create some weird vinegar concoction that sounded more like it would burn my insides than flush them out.

The solutions I read about all sucked. Until I came across the only one that sounded like it would work - using Monkey Whizz to pass a drug test. The fake pee in the bag looks, smells, and acts just like the real stuff. It even comes with heat pads and a temperature strip to get the sample handed overlooking just right.

Forget quitting smoking and hoping your detox plans pan out. I don’t know about you, but hoping wasn’t as good an option as making sure I passed my drug test.

And the more I looked into Monkey Whizz, the more I found how much it’s like real pee. It even grows bacteria!

There’s no way anyone will know you’re handing over a fake sample.

Here’s exactly what I did to use Monkey Whizz to pass my drug test.

Can It Really Beat a Drug Test?

The first time I brought fake piss into a drug test, I was shaky and felt like everyone was watching me. But after doing it the first time, it’s so easy I don’t even get nervous anymore.

You’ve gotta relax and realize everyone else is focused on their own stuff. Nobody’s got time to be thinking about you.

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Activate the heat pad and stick it to your Monkey Whizz package on the opposite side of the temperature strip
  • Put the temperature strip side of it against your body to help warm up the package, which takes about an hour to reach the right temperature
  • Drive to your drug test appointment
  • Check the temperature before you go inside and make sure it’s between 98 to 100 degrees. Once it’s there, the heaters keep it at the right temperature for 8 hours.
  • Go inside to your appointment
  • Dump out the piss and hand it over
  • Leave with a smile, knowing you’ve passed

The whole thing couldn’t be easier. But if you were anything like me, you’ve still got some questions. Let’s take a look at how the ingredients fake out a piss test without giving you away.

How Does it Work?

Monkey Whizz has all the right stuff in it to make it look and act just like real urine. It contains uric acid - the most important ingredient to prove the sample is human and not fake.

It’s balanced for PH and can pass a lab test, so relax even if it’s getting sent off. This stuff is so real it even grows bacteria so don’t open it before you need to use it! It even foams up like piss if you shake it up a bit.

Monkey Whizz is awesome and as close to the real stuff as you can get, but are all piss products created equal?

Monkey Whizz VS Whizz Kit?

With so many fake piss products on the market, how do you know which one is best? Well, I can tell you from personal experience and the research I’ve done, they’re not all the same.

The Monkey Whizz kit comes with everything you need, but most importantly it works without a hitch! When I was looking into fake piss products, I considered the Whizz Kit, but I came across a few comments saying it didn’t work for them.

I wasn’t going to risk it, so I went with Monkey Whizz. And I’m so glad I did! The weird part is that it’s a bit cheaper than the Whizz Kit too.

Finoa Foster

So it’s like a double whammy - works better and costs less. Hey, I’m not gonna question it and trust me, Monkey Whizz will definitely work.

The next part is easy, you’ve just gotta try it for yourself. But make sure you buy directly from the manufacturer so you don’t get a rip off product or expired piss.

I’ll tell you exactly where to order, so you don’t get conned.

Here’s How to Get Monkey Whizz Without Getting Scammed Out of Your Money

This stuff does have a shelf life, so you need to make sure you’re getting stuff that isn’t expired. When you buy directly from the manufacturer, they guarantee the quality of what they send you.


Order online through their secure store.

Their packaging is discreet and won’t be like waving a big red flag to your neighbors about what you’re getting.

One package of Monkey Whizz costs only $45.95 and comes with everything you need to get your clean piss sample handed over, including:

  • Cotton belt
  • 2 organic heating pads
  • Temperature strip
  • Instructions

If you decide you don’t need it, they have a 30-day return policy for your full money back. It’s a small price to pay to get the job you want, and you’ll make the money back fast!


If you really can't afford to fail your drug test, then we would recommend Monkey Whizz for you. It can be used both by women and men and it has a super high pass rate. It's cheaper than its competitors and due to it's high pass rate has a better reputation of being more reliable. 

Right now you have a couple of options; you can:

  • Detox with some home remedy and cross your fingers it works.
  • Get some other product that hasn’t worked for every person.
  • Or get Monkey Whizz, which has worked for every single person I’ve recommended it to and pass your drug test while toking on.

The answer’s pretty simple brother. Light that joint in one hand and click to buy Monkey Whizz with the other.

Get Monkey Whizz and prepare to pass your next drug test today!

Monkey Whizz
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