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Last Updated On: January 2020

Synthetic products have proven a lifesaver for many who would otherwise see their careers upended for no good reason. It's reliable, affordable and can be depended on to provide the all-important negative result that allows people to get on with their life and their work. If it can be said that there's a catch when it comes to using artificial urine, however, it's that it is not always easy to get the material into the sample room on the day of the test. After all, you can't just arrive at the testing site at the appointed time carrying a bottle of secret stuff in your hand. Fortunately, there is a solution for those facing this dilemma: the leg strap.

Using a Leg Strap for Hiding Urine?

using the leg strap

If you have decided for whatever reason that you need to take extraordinary measures to get past an overly intrusive drug test, you can't just walk into a testing site with a soda bottle full of fake sample in your hand. You need a discrete way to get past prying eyes so you can pass the test and get back to work. Enter the leg straps.

The leg strap holder is a type of support belt that hugs the upper thigh and provides a secure, velcro-enabled platform for holding a small quantity of whatever it is you need to hold. One of the many great things about the urine leg strap is that you no longer have to worry about using clumsy heating pads to keep the sample at the right temperature. Because it is wrapped tightly to your thigh, it absorbs your body heat and is just the right temp when you need it. The product is also extremely flat and will not give itself away whether you're walking down the street, riding on the subway are waiting to deposit your sample.

Here are the FAQs regarding Leg Straps:

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    Will it always provide the right temperature sample? - In order to be accepted by the testing machine, the sample must be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the vast majority of cases, the leg strap for artificial samples will hold the liquid close enough to the body to provide enough heat. However, on extremely cold days it may be wise to slip a heating pad into the holder portion of the leg strap next to the sample just to be sure.
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    Will anyone be able to detect the contraption? - The best leg straps are designed to sit flat against the upper leg and to be held there securely by a robust Velcro closure system. This prevents the product and its cargo from slipping and winding up around your ankles. It also ensures that as long as you’re wearing loose fitting pants or a willowy skirt, no one will be wise to the presence of the product.
using it on the actual drug test
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    How do I use the leg strap properly? - Once you have been provided with a sample cup, simply proceed to the bathroom, remove the sample from the holster in the product, deposit the contents and return the sample bottle to the holster. After that, submit your sample and be on your way. Leave the product in place until you return home. Keep in mind though that the urine leg strap is only intended for novelty or fetish use.
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    Will everyone know I ordered this product? - Some folks are reluctant to take advantage of the benefits of the leg strap because they think it will come in a big brightly colored box that says "Leg Strap” on the side. It won’t. The product comes discreetly packaged so that not even the delivery person knows exactly what is inside. Your privacy is assured when you order this product.
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    Which is the best leg strap for submitting samples? - Without a doubt, the best synthetic urine leg strap is the Quick Fix 6.2 Leg Strap. This fully adjustable neoprene strap is both comfortable and discreet and has never been known to fail when used as directed. It lets you relax and get through the business at hand without having to worry that the product will fail or reveal itself or the sample will fall out of its pouch. The product has a reliable track record, comes with everything you need and costs less than a large pizza.
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    How much sample does the product carry? - The Quick Fix 6.2 leg strap is designed to comfortably hold anywhere from 2 to 3.5 oz of liquid and keep it warm until you need to use it. Even when carrying the larger quantity this product will not fail when attached properly. Nor will it give itself away. It is recommended however that, to be absolutely certain the sample will be the requisite temperature when the time comes, that you heat it in the microwave for a short time before strapping it to your thigh.
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    What if the leg strap is defective? - Although it's extremely rare for customers to have any problems with this device the company recognizes that it is possible and so provides a limited 30-day warranty on the purchase of any QF 6.2 urine leg strap. Again though, the likelihood that you will ever need to invoke this warranty is remote as attested to by thousands of satisfied customers. Still, the company aims to please so if anything seems out of the ordinary when you receive the product get in touch without delay so that they can look into it and provide restitution if necessary.

The leg strap has helped countless individuals achieve the test results they need so that they can get on with their life. If you are face to face with a career-threatening situation, let the folks at Quick Fix provide the remedy you need.

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