What are the Best Detox Pills?
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If you have an unexpected drug test coming up, or maybe one that snuck up on you without being ready for it, then you’re probably in a frenzy trying to figure out how to get clean in time. If that sounds like you, then you’re not alone – and that’s why cleansing pills exist to help you prepare for a drug test in a short amount of time.

You might have a drug screening coming up for any number of reasons – whether you’re on probation, trying to get a job, hoping to retain a job you already have, or maybe just wanting to cleanse and rid your body of toxins. Whatever it is, we know what you’re thinking: “What is the best detox supplement?”

Not all cleansing pills are created equal. The last thing you want to do is put your trust in a detox pill in the last days before your drug screening only to get flagged for a positive result. It’s important to take the process seriously and use only pills that are legitimate and get the job done right. After all, if you come out with a positive result in your drug screening, in most situations, there are no second chances. That’s why you don’t want to settle for less than the best detox pills for a drug test.

You can make sure that your cleansing pills are trustworthy in many ways – such as by researching detox pills reviews like those we have here or finding a cleansing pill formulated for the substance you use. For example, if it is marijuana you are concerned about, find the best detox pills for weed specifically to get the job done.

There are a lot of ways that people try to get clean, but cleansing is one of the only ways that truly works. Diluting your urine in the testing area is next to impossible, not to mention easy to detect and not worth the risk. On the other hand, getting clean naturally takes too long. Many people aren’t willing to abstain from usage long enough for their urine to be clean, and they often don’t have enough time before their substance screening takes place anyway.

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With this, it’s clear why so many people turn to cleanse pills. If you think it’s the right option for you, the only thing left is to decide which one to take!

5 Best Detox Pills & Supplements Review

Finding the top detox supplements to put your trust in can be a real challenge. After all, in most cases, there’s a lot at stake. You don’t want to risk using a sub-par cleansing pill when preparing to pass a drug screening, seeking to get clean, or flushing your system for any other reason.

To make your search a little easier, we’ve compiled our top five favorite cleansing capsules. Our reviews cover what we love about these tablets and where you can find them yourself. Without further ado, here are five options you can’t go wrong with:

1. Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox

Rescue 5 day Detox Packaging

Rescue is an aptly named cleansing pill! If you’re looking for the best detox pills to pass a drug test, the search ends here. It comes to the rescue when you need it most, offering a full body cleanse in as little as 5 days. It’s advanced composition and technology is unmatched by many brands on the market today. It can cleanse your body of many toxins with its specially engineered formula, allowing it to clean your entire system of anything and everything that shouldn’t be there.

The cleansing kit comprises of four capsules designed to be taken at specific times, listed in the instructions that are included with the kit. Each tablet is formulated to rid your body of the toxins that have built up inside of it. In addition, you are also supplied with eight pills of superior strength to be taken after the 5-day process, giving you any extra security necessary.

The superiority in terms of quality, comprehensive cleanse results, ease of use, thoroughness, and more has landed the Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox the number one spot on our list. The kit has rightfully earned hundreds of positive reviews online, and after putting it to the test ourselves, we can see why. It offers a top-notch cleansing procedure that will allow you to test completely free of any and all toxins every single time.

Not only it is effective, it’s also available at an extremely affordable price. Enjoy a top-of-the-line detox pill kit that you can put your trust in during the most important of times without paying top dollar. It works on a wide range of substances, including:

  • Marijuana (casual user)

  • Heroin

  • Cocaine

  • Alcohol

  • Amphetamines

  • Nicotine

  • Ecstasy

  • LSD

  • And more!
Rescue 5 day package

As you can see, there is a lot to love about the Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox—it literally comes to the “rescue” every time!


  • Four detox pills provide comprehensive cleanse
  • Eight additional tablets included for extra security

  • Works on wide range of

  • Great success rate

  • Cleanof toxins everytime

  • Works in as little as 5 days
  • Affordable option


  • Relatively small brand compared to others in this list

Where Can I Buy Rescue 5 Day Detox?

If you choose to use Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox as your saving grace before your next substance screening, then make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller! If you buy from a shadier provider, you may end up with something that’s not the real deal. As a result, you could end up with an unsatisfactory result on your drug test.

To give yourself the best chance of getting the outcome you are looking for, make sure the company that you’re buying from is a trusted one in the industry like Rescue 5 Day.

Have you decided that this is the right product for you? You can get the best price for the kit right here.

2. Stat Flush

Most users find consistent success from Stat Flush detox supplements, and they’re incredibly easy to use. As a result, they’ve climbed their way to the number two spot on our list! If you’ve been wondering, “What is a good detox pill?”, then Stat Flush just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Unlike many other capsules, this one requires only one step. About an hour before your test, take all five capsules in the bottle, flushing them down with as little water as you can. This will help to mask the toxins in your urine, allowing you to pass your drug test with flying colors. Keep in mind, though: these masking effects are temporary and wear off after around 3 to 4 hours.

Stat Flush works on fat-soluble substances, such as:

  • Marijuana

  • Nicotine

  • Cocaine

  • Heroine

  • LSD
stat flush

One more thing to keep in mind before taking Stat Flush: It can’t be taken with caffeine. So, if you just can’t skip your morning coffee, then this isn’t the product for you.


  • Works in just one step
  • Consistently positive results from users

  • Works on many substances
  • Quick results

  • High success rate


  • Can’t be combined with caffeine
  • Only works for 3 to 4 hours

Where Can I Buy Stat Flush?

Stat Flush is a great option, especially for those who are on extremely limited time. A lot of cleansing kits require several days to get the job done, but Stat Flush requires only an hour’s notice! Does Stat Flush sound like the detox pill for you? 

3. Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid has a well-deserved place on our list of the best detox pills around! You may have come across it in THC detox pills reviews as it is a very popular option for marijuana users. However, it works on many other substances as well! Toxin Rid offers many different cleansing options, with the 10-day option being the most popular. Any Toxin Rid 10 provides a deep cleanse to eradicate all toxins from your system. If you have time for the 10-day option, we highly recommend it for the most thorough experience.

Toxin Rid tends to be a more expensive option than the other choices on the market, but that’s the price you pay for a thorough cleanse that gets the job done well! It works on substances including but not limited to:

  • Marijuana

  • Heroin

  • Cocaine

  • Alcohol

  • Nicotine

  • And more
toxin rid 10


  • Extremely thorough
  • Works on a wide range of substances

  • Great success rate


  • Very expensive

Where Can I Buy Toxin Rid 10?

Ready to experience the same success so many others have with Toxin Rid? For best results and the best price around, buy it here!

4. Stinger 7

Another option when it comes to the best detox cleanse pills is the Stinger 7-day detox. By simply popping a capsule into your mouth and washing it down with water, you can pass your next drug test! With Stinger 7, however, you will need to take it twice a day. It’s not as powerful as some other options on the market, but it works to cleanse you in about a week if you don’t have too many toxins in your body. This is more of an ideal option for occasional marijuana users than heavy smokers. Most people should be able to get the results they need after about a week-long cleanse with Stinger 7.

Stinger 7 can help to cleanse you of the following substances:

  • Marijuana

  • Nicotine

  • Cocaine

  • Methamphetamine

  • Ecstasy

  • LSD
stinger 7 day


  • Provides a quick and reliable cleanse for casual users
  • Easy to use


  • Not as powerful as other options
  • Pills need to be taken twice daily

Where Can I Buy Stinger 7 Day Cleanse?

Do you think Stinger 7 is the solution you have been looking for? If so, make sure to buy it from a reputable provider to ensure you’re getting the real deal! We’ve found the best price for you at a reliable source, so buy it here!

5. Herbal Clean Super Q

Thanks to a mix of minerals, vitamins, and herbs, Herbal Clean Super Q Pills can bring you some of the best detox tablets on the market. Whether you want the best detox pills for THC or for other substances, Herbal Clean Super Q is one to consider. They take only 45 minutes to begin working and mask toxins for as long as 5 hours. The supplement includes natural liver and blood purifiers like dandelion, alfalfa, and milk thistle. With Herbal Clean Super Q, you’ll be able to pass a drug test the same day! The formula also includes creatine, which is a compound found in non-diluted, healthy urine. This creatine boost is part of what makes Herbal Clean Super Q pills one of the best detox supplement options for short notice screenings!

This product is designed to work with the following substances:

  • Marijuana

  • Nicotine

  • Cocaine

  • Alcohol
herbal clean super qcaps


  • Good detox capsules for same day results
  • High rate of success


  • Doesn’t work on wide range of substances

Where Can I Buy Herbal Clean Super Q?

Wondering where to buy detox pills like this? We’ve found the best place to purchase Herbal Clean Super Q at the most affordable price—find it here.

So, Which One Should I Buy?

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As you should know by now, the answer to the question “What are the best pills to clean your system?” really depends on several factors. The first thing you need to take into consideration is how much time you have. If you don’t opt for a cleansing solution that gives you enough time before your drug screening, then you are wasting your time. The second thing to think about is what you are trying to flush out of your system. Some of these cleansing products cover more substances than others, but it doesn’t matter how many substances they include, so long as the substances you use are among them.

After making sure the detox pills you choose will clean out your system before your drug test and cover the substances you are trying to hide, then you’re just left to make sure it’s from a high-quality manufacturer and provides reliable results.

With the options listed above, you should be able to pinpoint the best detox pill for your needs and pass your next substance screening without a hitch! Find the best cleanse pills for you today and get started!

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