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Last Updated On: January 2020

When workplace drug testing was first introduced some 30 years ago, civil rights organizations, labor unions and more warned that it was a slippery slope. That it wouldn't be long before testing truck drivers led to testing everyone. At the time they were dismissed as alarmists. In hindsight, though it seems they hit the nail on the head.

You're here reading this because you work for someone who drug tests and you need a way to ensure your private life stays your private life. You’re hoping that Yellow Snow is the type of product that will help you get past this roadblock in your career. We understand what you’re going through. And below we’ll tell you what we discovered about this particular brand of fake pee. 

What is Yellow Snow?

Yellow Snow

Besides being something you don’t want to eat Yellow Snow is a brand of synthetic urine sold by a company called waterbedsnstuff. Right off the bat that should raise a few red flags. But we're open-minded types, so we're going to give the product a fair shake, regardless of who sells it.  

Because drug tests have become so pervasive these days, fake urine has become big business. There are dozens of different brands all claiming to be the best and all vying for your dollars. The business is basically divided up into a few giants, including Quick Fix 6.2, and everybody else. Terminader Yellow Snow falls into the “everybody else” category. 

It's hard to pin down exactly who Terminader is, however. Yellow Snow is sold through a waterbed website. While the other reasonably popular Terminader product called Terminader Gold Detox is sold through a shady network of websites with names that are going to drive your antivirus software nuts. 

So what is Yellow Snow? Well, it’s a product sold by a company called waterbedsnstuff (which by the way doesn’t sell waterbeds) and produced by another company without a website or brick and mortar store of its own. If that sounds like the kind of company you want to do business with we have a bridge to sell you.

What Ingredients are in Yellow Snow?

Yellow Snow Ingredients

As you might imagine, a company that isn't anxious to be traced isn't going to be terribly forthcoming about the ingredients in their fetish urine product. However, since the company claims Yellow Snow is “top of the line” synthetic product, then it must be identical to human pee. And the chemical makeup of human pee is well known. And it contains more than 3,000 separate compounds.

Now it’s theoretically possible that Yellow Snow actually contains all 3,000 chemical compounds you’ll find in human urine. But we wouldn’t bet on it. And after reading some user feedback complaining that Yellow Snow samples have been rejected because they didn’t contain creatinine we think we’d be right in not betting. Other users have complained that their Yellow Snow samples were rejected because they didn’t display the same pH levels as human pee. Another reason to doubt the “top of the line” claim. 

So Does Yellow Snow Work?

Yellow Snow Works

If you’re facing a drug test, the only thing that really matters is if the product you’ve bought gets you the result you’re looking for. From our experience with Terminader Yellow Snow, we'd have to say the odds of that happening are not great.

First, there’s the funky smell. When we opened the Yellow Snow bottle, we got hit with an odor that was hard to define, but didn't smell like pee. The closest we can come to describing it is that it was like what you smell when you walk into a hair salon. Not exactly, but along those lines.  

Then there are the myriad complaints from users who said their Yellow Snow sample was rejected for various chemical deficiencies; either no creatinine or abnormal pH levels or a lack of uric acid. Creatinine is important because it’s present in all human urine. It’s a byproduct of the breakdown of muscle tissue and the amount of creatinine in your urine changes as you age. 

pH levels are important because piss has a pretty well-established pH level of about 7. So if the pH balance of your fake urine is off the machine will detect it quickly and kick it out. You’re then out of a job. And finally, if Yellow Snow doesn't have uric acid (as some users have claimed), then your sample is doomed from the start. So, does Yellow Snow work? For a lot of users, the answer is apparently "no." 

How Much Does Yellow Snow Cost?

Yellow Snow Cost

Terminader Yellow Snow will cost you $39.99 for a 4-ounce bottle. That might seem like a lot to the uninitiated, but it's actually in line with a lot of other fake pee products, including industry standard Quick Fix 6.2. So the price alone shouldn’t be a reason for not picking up a batch of Yellow Snow. What should give you pause is the fact that, while some people have apparently had success with it, lots of other people have had issues with the effectiveness of this synthetic urine.

Where Can You Buy Yellow Snow?

If you're the kind of person who likes to gamble with the future of their career, then you can pick up some Terminader Yellow Snow through their website. If you look hard, you'll also find it hiding out on a bunch of other websites of questionable repute. But before you do you should ask yourself one question: Why bother when there are clearly superior alternatives like Quick Fix available?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Yellow Snow be used more than once?

Yes, Yellow Snow can be used more than once and reheating it for a second test is undoubtedly an option. However, you should avoid doing this more than a couple of times, as this can change the concentration levels of the active ingredients.

Does Yellow Snow include a temperature strip?

Yes, Yellow Snow includes a temperature strip, which is pre-attached to the side of the bottle for easy reading. The print is large enough to read at a glance, which you will need to practice before you go to the test facility.

What temperature should Yellow Snow be?

Yellow Snow should be heated to a temperature between 94 and 102 degrees to pass a standard urine test. This range is what is considered normal for human core body temperature, and anything outside it will likely cause a failure.

Can Yellow Snow be found in retail stores?

No, Yellow Snow cannot be found in retail stores and is officially only available at a few trusted online retailers. Make sure you avoid eBay or dodgy sites, as you could end up with a counterfeit product that fails a test.

Can you store Yellow Snow in the freezer?

Yes, you can store Yellow Snow in the freezer, and it’s the recommended way if you don’t plan to use an opened bottle soon. Just make sure you avoid defrosting it more than a couple of times as this can impact the ingredients.

What is included with Yellow Snow?

Included with Yellow Snow is a small bottle with 2 ounces of synthetic pee, a simple heating pad, a temperature strip, and easy to follow instructions. It’s all you need to prepare your sample.

Does Yellow Snow have a disgusting odor?

Yes, Yellow Snow has a disgusting odor, and it’s pretty much the same as you would expect from your piss. Thanks to the right mix of ingredients, this is a very positive thing, as it reduces the chance of a failed test.


Unfortunately, we can’t recommend Terminader Yellow Snow simply because there are so many red flags attached to it. The smarter course of action would be to take your money and spend it on a batch of Quick Fix 6.2 instead. It has the kind of ironclad reputation you want to see in a product that you’re using to try and save your job. Remember, drug tests are no joke. Your fake pee shouldn’t be one either.


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