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Last Updated On: January 2020

If you've ever been forced to submit to a drug test and feared you might fail for some reason that had nothing to do with your ability to perform your job, then you've probably searched for ways to pass that test that was maybe not embraced by the corporate mainstream. It doesn’t take much research to discover there are countless others out there in the same boat as you trying to save their careers by any means necessary. The solution many of them settle on is synthetic urine and a belt kit. And there’s a good reason for that: they work.

Urine Belt Kits, How do They Work?

There was/is a problem with the notion of using synthetic products to pass lab tests, however. And that is this: how are you going to get it into the sample cup, especially if the drug testers put someone in the bathroom with you? The answer? The urine belt kit. The belt kit holds a urine container and is strapped around your waist under your clothes. A tube runs from the container into and through a fake penis which you extend from your pants in the usual fashion to deliver the sample. There is a female version as well that works on the same concept.

The development of the urine kit with belt proved to be a gift from high above for those who previously had to jump through some considerable hoops to deliver their artificial sample. Now the process was easy, fast and effective. The best belt kits come with an empty urine holder that is filled with your sample when the time is right and then strapped to your waist, often times with a velcro strap; as is the case with the Fill it Yourself Belt Kit. This high-quality kit comes with:

  • A reusable synthetic pee bag
  • 2 single-use 8-hour organic heating pads
  • A syringe that allows you to refill the bag
  • A velcro strap to secure the bag to your waist

The empty urine holder is important because first, you’ll likely be using the belt on multiple occasions and second, you don’t want to have to try and keep a premixed fake urine sample viable for an extended period of time. Better to mix your sample right before the test and then fill the sample holder. 

The only thing that we find an issue when it comes to Fill It Yourself Belt Kit, is that you need to fill it yourself. For people that already have their samples ready to go, this is the perfect product for you. It's 100% reliable and it's not expensive at all. If you are looking to purchase this product but you don't have an artificial sample to go along with it, don't worry we got something for you towards the end of the article.

Is It Really Possible to Pass Using a Urine Belt Kit?

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It’s not only possible, it’s done every day of every week in all corners of the developed world. Corporate employees, employees in security positions, athletes and more all get past intrusive and unfair drug tests using the urine belt kit. The secret to their success is no secret at all. It’s simply a matter of following the instructions in the kit to the letter.

If you prepare the fake sample the way the instructions dictate and you keep the sample at the proper temperature (using the included heating pads if necessary) and then deliver it using the device provided in the manner suggested your chances of success are more than 99%. That sounds like a lot of “ifs,” but it’s really not. Basically, if you do what the instructions tell you to do, you'll likely be successful.

Choosing One That Comes With an Artificial Sample

Of course, your chances of success can also be enhanced by making sure you purchase a high-quality synthetic urine belt kit to deliver your sample. A kit like the Monkey Whizz Urine Belt (well, there's your answer!). While the name might leave something to be desired, the outstanding quality of all components of the kit speak for themselves.

Some folks facing an impending drug test try to save a few bucks and pick up a kit off the shelf of their local head shop or from some fly by night online retailer whose site disappears as quickly as it appeared. Typically these folks encounter problems for any number of reasons. Perhaps the synthetic product is old and has broken down chemically. Or the urine holder is made of cheap materials and leaks. Or the prosthetic device looks like something made in a high school art class instead of a viable piece of anatomy.

The fact is that this is your career on the line. It’s no time to try and find the cheapest possible product to help you. Pay a few bucks more for the Monkey Whizz and rest easy knowing your chances are good to emerge successfully. The Monkey Whizz belt will work effectively for both men and women, and the kit itself comes with:

  • 3.5 ounces of high quality, unisex fake sample.
  • ​An elasticized belt that will accommodate up to a 54” waist.
  • ​2 organic heating pads to keep your sample viable.
  • ​A complete set of instructions which should be followed closely.

Keep in mind too that the synthetic sample included in this kit contains both urea and uric acid so it won’t be outed by today’s more sophisticated drug testing machines.

The Monkey Whizz belt kit has helped countless people save their careers from over-zealous corporations, governing bodies and governments themselves. It can do the same for you.

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