Dr. Greens Agent X ​Review:
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Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine

Last Updated On: January 2020

Let's start off this Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine review by saying that we do not condone the use of drugs by all means but if you were in a tight spot, this is probably the most logical route to take. So let's talk about your situation first and why you are here in the first place...

If you have a scheduled mandatory test looming or work for a company that subjects its workers to random testing, you know how nerve-wracking and, in many cases, unfair they can be. But regardless of whether they're fair or unfair, the fact is that urine screening is here and it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. In fact, with the recent government declaration of a national opioid crisis, chances are urinalyses will only get more intrusive; expanding to test for more substances with greater degrees of accuracy. So, what are you going to do? If you have the means, you should seriously consider submitting artificial samples if you have any reason to think your next test won’t come back in your favor.

That is where Dr. Green's Agent X comes into play. So, before we even get into what works and what not, let's talk about what this brand is all about first. ​

What is Dr. Greens Agent X?

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These products came about because the companies that make screening machines needed gobs of pee to test those machines. They contacted a bunch of enterprising labs that came up with these samples and soon after that the same products hit the market as a way to get around those testing machines. Oh, the irony!

Anyway, ​these products has proven itself countless times over the years, but it's a classic case of caveat emptor. Because there's fake pee and then there's fake pee like Dr. Green Agent X. Do not worry though! We still got you covered so keep reading on.

The (Uric) Acid Test

The​ best synthetic urine products are constantly being tweaked by their makers, and the newest, best ones all contain uric acid rather than just urea, which was standard for older formulations. That’s important because the newer, more sophisticated testing machines look for uric acid, which is a better indicator that the sample is genuine than urea is. Some even look for both uric acid and urea, we'll get more into that in just a bit.

When you buy these products in a head shop or some such place, you’re usually getting an older recipe that may have been sitting on the shelf or in a storeroom for several years or was sourced from some discount lab that’s still producing the old recipe. So lesson one, when it comes to buying these products: look for uric acid. Or just don't buy it from any local shop. 

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What About Dr. Greens Agent X?

The good news about Dr. Greens Agent X is that it contains the uric acid you need to have a chance to beat a urinaylsis today. While some of the other reviews point to the fact that it’s marketed as a “fetish” product as proof it’s not for cheating labs (golden showers anyone?) that’s a bunch of balderdash. The truth is that the fetish marketing is done with a wink-wink, nudge-nudge to get around potential legal hurdles and the product is known as a dependable way of beating substance screenings. It also comes with the heating element you’ll need to ensure the sample you provide the tester is the right temp to pass for genuine. Something you don’t need if you’re just using it to get your fetish jollies.

What are the Ingredients?

One of the most important topics and discussions when it comes to artificial products like these are the ingredients. Why though? Because this is most likely going to be the biggest factor that will determine if the sample is real or not. Yikes!

Like most of these products, Dr. Greens contains the following ingredients:

  • Sodium chloride
  • Albumin powder

  • Sodium phosphate
  • Potassium chloride

  • Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
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As we said earlier, the exact mixtures are often being tweaked by the various labs to try and arrive at the most accurate sample possible, but the key ingredient here is uric acid. While Dr. Greens Agent X also contains urea, there's nothing unusual or deal-breaking about that. It can actually be a good thing that it has both ingredients because some machines actually look for both. The issue with Dr. Greens Agent X was never about the ingredients though, it's about something else which we're going to talk about in just a little bit. 

Right now, let's talk about the damage that it can do to your pockets. Let's talk about prices.

How Much Does it Cost?

Dr. Green Agent X Urine is one of the more affordable high-quality products on the market today. It typically sells for $29.95 (plus any shipping and taxes etc.) which is considerably less than some others. And think about that price for a moment.

If you have a job where they conduct random urinalyses, it's probably a pretty good job. In other words, you might be making $30 an hour or more which means you can easily afford this product.

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And, if the job is one that’s paying you well and you have reason to suspect you might not come out of the next substance screening smelling all that good then a $30 investment seems like pretty small potatoes. Even if you want to buy several kits to practice with it before you try to use it during the actual test it’s still peanuts compared to what you’ll lose if you lose your job.

​Yes, the product is not that expensive, it's actually kind of cheap. But as we have hinted above, the issue with Dr. Greens Agent X is something entirely different. After a bunch of times testing this product, here is what we have found...

Does Dr. Greens Work?

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Most of the time, yes. The thing that got us very worried when it comes to using Dr. Green's Agent X is the heating element that they have on the product.

After using it a bunch of times, we've had varying results. Sometimes it heated it too much and sometimes it didn't heat it quite enough. This worries us a lot. Imagine having this issue when you're about to submit your sample and it's not in the right temperature. You're going to fail the test almost instantly if that happens. 

Where to Buy it?

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This stuff is important, and if you're going to need help getting past one for some reason, you don't want to mess around by purchasing these things from a third party website, headshop, or even a friend of a friend. Instead, make sure you buy it directly from the manufacturer or the official Dr. Greens Agent X website.

You want to make sure you get the real deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to freeze Dr. Greens Agent X?

Yes, it is possible to freeze Dr. Greens Agent X, and it’s an excellent way to store a sample that has been opened and partially used. However, you don’t want to go through more than a couple of defrosting and freezing cycles because this could change its concentration.

Can Dr. Greens Agent X be processed again?

Yes, Dr. Greens Agent X can be processed again, but you need to avoid heating and cooling the sample more than a few times. This process can significantly change the concentration levels of the ingredients and can lead to a failed test.

Does Dr. Greens Agent X have a temperature reading strip?

Yes, Dr. Greens Agent X has a temperature reading strip, and you’ll be able to find it attached to one side of the sample bottle. Make sure you’re familiar on how to read it as you’ll need to double-check it before you head into the test facility.

What temperature does Dr. Greens Agent X have to be?

Dr. Greens Agent X should have a temperature between 94 and 102 degrees to match the average human body temperature range. Anything above or below this range will be immediately spotted at the test facility and flagged as a fail.

Can you buy Dr. Greens Agent X at a retail store?

No, you cannot buy Dr. Greens Agent X at a retail store as the company only offers it for sale through a few online retailers and their web store. This is the safest way to make sure you don’t end up with a counterfeit product.

What ingredients are mixed into Dr. Greens Agent X?

The main ingredients mixed into Dr. Greens Agent X are urea and uric acid. By having these in just the right concentration, lab testing machines will be fooled into identifying it as the real thing.

Does Dr. Greens Agent X have a disgusting smell?

Yes, Dr. Greens Agent X has a disgusting smell, and it’s the same as you would expect from your real piss. This is the result of adding the main ingredients and is an essential factor to have in a synthetic product to make it appear authentic.

So, Should You Buy Dr. Greens Agent X?

Dr. Greens Agent X (sometimes called Mr. Greens Agent X or just Urine X) is the kind of product that can save jobs and careers for short money. Sadly, it just isn't able to do it on a consistent basis. You can even read the bad reviews online to see real user experiences of the product.

What we do recommend is using Quick Fix. We've tested this product over and over again, and it works every single time. Seriously, it's not even close. And, for those that haven't heard of this brand yet, it's a liquid form solution that you just need to heat up. This means, you don't have to mix stuff, it comes ready to use. It also boasts a 99%+ pass rate which hasn't been matched by any other brand today.

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