The Whizzinator Review: The Best Fake Penis to Pass a Drug Test?

Whizzinator Review

Get this, my buddy and I work construction jobs together and they randomly drug tested us. My way around this was always to keep some fake piss around for the days when I was the lucky one chosen to take a piss test.

He told me that during his last test, someone actually went into the bathroom with him and watched him give his sample! I can’t believe they’re doing this, but word must’ve gotten out that some of us use fake piss for these tests. Lucky for him, he’s been on a diet and hasn’t drank or smoked in a while so he passed.

The same is not true for me. As soon as I heard about the new process, I knew my old method of taping a bag to my pants was no longer going to work.

I did not want to get caught pouring piss out of a tube into the cup. So I started to look for a solution and came across The Whizzinator. It’s a synthetic penis designed for supervised tests.

Pretty hilarious right?

I too found this product pretty freaking amusing - but in all seriousness, this is the product which is supposedly  going to let me live my life and keep my job. HOW WRONG WAS I.

The reason why these products were created was If the fake pee is coming out of something that looks like the real deal, they don’t question it! I was stoked to find it at the time - and was actually excited to use it for the first time. Yet my excitement turned into disaster. I will discuss this later.

Here’s what you need to know about the kit:

What is the Whizzinator Kit?

The kit that includes a elastic belt for wearing, one of their “golden shower” fake urine samples, 4 heat pads (you supposedly only need one every time you use it), a syringe, and a set of complex instructions.

This product is an expensive system that can be used for discretely giving a fake urine sample during a drug test, even if someone is watching you.

How do you do that?

The artificial pee is squeezed out of a fake looking dick for ultimate believability. It is meant to trick the examiner into believing that your actually doing a real pee but in my opinion the Whizzinator does not look genuine and it's too big. Yeah too big! This can be a serious issue if you have an examiner constalty looking at you while your doing your test.

It only takes a little preparation. You create the synthetic urine sample before you take your test, then pour it into the refillable vinyl pouch attached to the artificial dick. Strap the whole contraption onto yourself with the elastic bands, and wear your clothes normally.

An hour before you’re due to take the drug test, activate a heating pad and attach it to the vinyl pouch. It takes about an hour for the fake urine to reach appropriate temperatures so make sure you have the time to warm it up beforehand. Try and not have the Whizzinator on for long as there has been reported cases of the product leaking. 

Turning in cold pee will be a dead giveaway that your urine sample is fake.

I’ve included step-by-step instructions below on all of this so just keep reading to find out how to use the Whizzinator.

To find out more about synthetic urine, visit our homepage.​

What Can You Use The Whizzinator For?

Let’s look at some of the other ways you can use the Whizzinator.

Believe it or not, it was originally designed as a novelty adult sex toy. Some people have pee fetishes and this product allows them to fulfill their wacko sexual desires with a clean and sanitary product. Sounds pretty kinky, but it’s not really my thing.

On another note, it could also be used for a hilarious prank on some of my friends. I’m going to use it to pee on my buddy’s stuff, maybe something expensive he just bought. (If you’re reading this - sorry dude - not really).

If I film it, I promise to share. We can all have a laugh.

How To Use The Whizzinator To Pass A Drug Test At Work?

The whole idea of sneaking fake piss in for a drug test is pretty stressful. You need to practise this over and over. For me, i was nervous because i knew the Whizzinator looked fake so it instantly made me nervous.

Using the original Whizzinator is tricky due to it's size but here is the official guidelines on how to use it:

  • Step 1: Use the syringe to get the correct amount of water (about 3 oz.). Use distilled bottled water if that is an option. Place the water into a cup and mix the fake pee powder into it. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved.
  • Step 2: Use the syringe to suck up the mixture you just created. Put the fake pee into the vinyl pouch. Always have your Whizzinator prepped and ready to go, especially if you are subject to random drug tests. Be careful not to overfill the pouch, which can make it burst, or screw the cap on too tight.
  • Step 3: When you need to take a drug test, attach one of the heating pads between the pouch and the belt. Use the sticky side directly on the pouch.
  • Step 4: Wear the belt. Place the temperature side of the bag directly against your skin. The leg straps go between your legs and connect to the back of the belt for a snug fit.
  • Step 5: The heat pad will take about an hour to get the fake piss up to the right temperature. If you need the sample quickly, more heat patches will raise the temperature of the liquid faster. When it’s ready, it will turn green. If you can, make sure to sneak a peek before you give your sample.
  • Step 6: Make sure the white clip is unlocked before you use the original Whizzinator. You can do this before you’re in the bathroom. Simply give the artificial penis a squeeze between the head and shaft to get the Whizzinator to flow. To stop the flow, simply let go. PLEASE look out for leakage. This has been an issue for other people using this product.

Ideally, you won’t be super nervous because you’ll have tested this out several times with water beforehand.

Some people have attempted to try and make their own homemade Whizzinator, but the whole process can be long and tricky and we would strongly advise against it.

But even after I’d done all of this, I still had questions.

Lucky for you, I’ve made things easy and created and included some of the answers to those questions here:

Are There Different Colors of Fake Penises?

Yes! The Whizzinator comes in 5 different colors including white, tan, brown, and black. The size of the prosthetic is universally 4.5 inches. Just choose the color that matches you most naturally for a convincing look. Side Note: The Monkey Dong has more colors than the Whizzinator so if your looking for more choices, then have a look at them.

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How Long Does the Fake Urine Last?

It lasts for a year from your date of purchase in powder form. If you buy it in premixed bags of liquid, it can last for 2 years. That’s a pretty decent amount of shelf life, especially if you’re drug tested regularly.

What Size is the Waistband?

The waistband can fit someone with up to a 52” waist. You can request a free extension if you need one.

How Much Fluid Does it Hold?

The Whizzinator holds between three and four fluid oz. of liquid. They don’t recommend trying to put in any more than 4 oz. max because it can affect the quality of the bag. You don’t want leaks!

How Do I Clean my Whizzinator?

You can use the Whizzinator cleaning solution, or you can just rinse it out with clean water. DO NOT use soap or other harsh cleaning agents because this can contaminate the pouch, which can affect the quality of your fake pee.

Is There a Female Whizzinator?

No, there is not a Whizzinator specifically designed for females only. However, they have a product called the Whizz Kit (for females), which is a unisex device that can be used by both males and females. It can be worn by a female so that it’s not visible when you sit down to pee. However, like the male Whizzinator, the Whizz Kit has got it's own issues with regards to the quality of urine. Many people have reported failed tests on forums. We would recommend the Monkey Whizz. (read full review).

Does The Whizzinator Fake Penis Kit Actually Work?

This is a serious question. You’re investing hard-earned money into this, and taking a huge risk trying to fake drug tests at work.

I’ve tested this kit following the instructions and I can tell you that unfortunately, it FAILED. The examiner noticed how much i was struggling and instantly stopped me. He asked for one his colleagues to come in and be a witness. At this stage i knew i was busted. He asked me to unbutton my jeans and when i refused, they instantly stopped the test. I left in such a rush embarrassed. 

Sample Bottle

The makers of the Whizzinator have made the product far too big. It's not realistic enough. 

I found a much smaller, reliable and cheaper product called The Monkey Dong. It looked and felt more realistic and i have been using that ever since. 

For this reason alone, we recommend the trusted Monkey Dong.

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With regards to the quality of the synthetic urine, i really can't comment on it as i never got the chance to submit a sample. It is reported that it contains all of the components that a typical drug test screens for, including uric acid and urea. Both of these are found in actual human urine so it’s important that both are present in whatever synthetic piss you decide to buy.

Other products on the market claim that uric acid and urea are the same thing. Don’t be fooled. They are different and can be individually tested. Advanced drug test methods even screen for the presence of urea to ensure a urine sample is real.

Quality synthetic piss contains urea so that drug tests are not alerted that you’re using fake piss. You definitely want to get the right stuff in order for you to pass your drug test.


Our Final Verdict

There are going to be negative and positive Whizzinator reviews out there plus also a lot of reviews on other products, which can make choosing one seem overwhelming.

I’ve personally used several that have worked in the past, Whizzinator was not one of them. It might be one of the most popular on the market but i certainly will not be using it again.

Nothing compares to The Monkey Dong, especially for supervised drug tests. It looks real and it's very easy to use.

Jason Cortes

Seriously, the whole game changes when someone is watching you give your sample. There’s less time to check the temperature of your sample and it’s harder to get it into the cup. But the Monkey Dong makes it a fast and easy process that looks realistic so you won’t get questioned. It’s my top choice.

The more advanced drug tests become, the more important it is to research the product you are getting. A brand you used 3 years ago might not have stayed on top of changing trends, which will embarrass you if you don’t research it now.

Some people buy batches of synthetic urine at wholesale or liquidation sales, so you also need to pay attention to the expiration date of the product you use. Fake piss doesn’t last forever and can be ineffective if it’s expired. Drug testing is big business so please don't get conned. 

We hope that this Whizzinator review helps you make the right choice. Reed our review on the Monkey Dong. It's cheaper, looks more realistic and overall is reliable. Don’t get yourself ripped off by buying the Whizzinator or expired piss that won’t work. After all, you’ve got one shot to get this, right?

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