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Last Updated On: January 2020

Drug testing as we know it began in the early 80s and was prompted by revelations that many former soldiers were bringing addictions, picked up in places like Vietnam, with them into the private sector.

Over time the practice became more and more widespread, and today nearly 8 in 10 employers conduct pre-employment drug testing with many also conducting random on-the-job testing.

So a practice that started out based on legitimate concerns that drug-addicted airmen might wind up flying commercial airplanes has devolved into testing the kid that makes your French fries. It's crazy. Just about the only thing people have today to protect their privacy is fake pee like Ultimate Gold.

What is Ultimate Gold Detox?

The Ultimate Gold detox kit being sold on the internet today is the direct descendant of an old fetish product concocted in someone’s basement years ago that was primarily sold in sex shops. As drug tests became more common, desperate people began looking at products like UG hoping it would enable them to save their jobs. But it was never intended for that purpose.

After the makers of Ultimate Gold began to realize that their little fetish product was being snapped up by weed aficionados who needed something to submit during a test that didn’t contain marijuana THC they began to shift their marketing strategy.

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Today, while the pack you get is still heavy on the fetish use instructions the detox kit also strongly implies it can be used to pass a drug test. But it shouldn’t be. And we’ll get into why in a moment.

Don’t buy the hype. UG is not a detox drink, it's not a supplement, and it's not scientifically formulated synthetic urine that might provide you a chance of saving your job. It's yellow water intended to be dispensed upon your golden shower sweetheart. There are legit products out there and legit detox kits, like the Rescue 5 Day Detox. Ultimate Gold is neither.

What is in Ultimate Gold?

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As we mentioned above, UG began life as a fetish item aimed at the golden shower crowd. It was only when people desperate to avoid having the marijuana THC (and other potentially problematic compounds) in their urine detected by drug tests that it started to gain traction as synthetic urine.

While the new-ish Ultimate Gold detox kit contains a belt and some other things the yellow water at the heart of the system hasn’t changed.

There’s a difference between scientifically formulated product and stuff like Ultimate Gold that’s intended only to provide a certain block of the fetish community their golden satisfactions.

UG was not and is not the type of product that’s going to save your job. It might get you a “pass” on one of those single panel drug tests you can take at home. But it’s going to wither under the microscope of a sophisticated testing regime.

Does it Work?

Our assessment of this product is that it's not likely to do anything except fill the sample cup and produce a rejection from the testing machine. It doesn't look or smell like real human pee, and from the reviews we've read it doesn't test like human pee either. In spite of all the packaging, they've surrounded their yellow water with it can't hide the fact that the liquid itself is simply not up to snuff.

As we mentioned, it's not a detox drink or a supplement designed to clean toxins from your system.

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It’s essentially yellow water in a bag that may be ideal for golden shower fans but just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to the crucible of the drug test. The fact that it wound up in the discussion at all has more to do with people desperately searching for a way around a pending test, than it does with the merits of the product itself.

There are some who will try and content themselves with their purchase by thinking "If it didn't work it wouldn't be so popular." But this is a misguided piece of rationalization. Because in fact, Ultimate Gold isn’t anywhere near as popular as more reliable products, or some of the actual premixed samples on the market. It’s a homebrew that unexpectedly captured a tiny bit of the fake pee market because it was mistaken for the “real” thing.

How Much Does Ultimate Gold Cost?

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There is little doubt that one reason the Ultimate Gold detox kit has attracted a few customers is the price. In a market where some kits can cost upwards of 50 dollars the UG detox pack can be had for about 20 bucks.

Then again you can pick up some Gatorade for a lot less than that, and it will be just about as effective for passing a drug test. A better strategy would be to invest that 20 bucks in a better brand and call it a day.

Where Can I Buy it?

The mirage of home-based success with single panel drug tests may be enough to convince some people to drop 20 of their hard-earned dollars on this product. If that's you, then you can pick it up over at Amazon.

But why on earth would you do that? Your goal, after all, is to pass your test. Not to fail it and lose your job. So instead of wasting money on some yellow water invest instead in a product that provides you an actual chance of passing your test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ultimate Gold be reused?

Yes, Ultimate Gold can be reused if you don’t need the full sample at the test facility. The critical thing to keep in mind is that you need to store the open bottle in a cool place and avoid heating it more than a couple of times. Otherwise, some of the liquid can vaporize and cause a failed test.

Does Ultimate Gold include a temperature reading strip?

Yes, Ultimate Gold includes a temperature reading strip that you will find attached to the bottle. The small print on the strip makes it a bit difficult to read without holding it up close, so make sure you practice this a few times before you go for the test.

What’s the right temperature Ultimate Gold should be?

The right temperature Ultimate Gold should be heated to is about 98 degrees Fahrenheit plus/minus 4 degrees. This would be accepted as the average human body temperature range, and it’s the first thing that will be checked during the lab test.

Does Ultimate Gold have a use-by date?

Yes, Ultimate Gold has a use-by date, and it’s important to check it before you use it. Also, once the bottle has been opened, it should not be stored in direct sunlight or a warm environment as the water can evaporate.

What ingredients are in Ultimate Gold?

The main ingredients in Ultimate Gold are urea and uric acid, with the remainder being a proprietary secret. However, the main ingredients are what most urine tests check for.

Can you buy Ultimate Gold in a retail store?

No, you cannot buy Ultimate Gold in a retail store, and I would seriously question if it’s the real thing if you ever found it in a store. Currently, it’s only available at a few online retailers, so make sure you avoid dodgy-looking stores.

Does Ultimate Gold smell bad?

Yes, Ultimate Gold smells bad, and that is due to urea and uric acid ingredients. Combined, these give the synthetic pee a smell that is the same as the real stuff, and that’s an excellent feature to have.

Can Ultimate Gold be stored in a freezer?

Yes, Ultimate Gold can be stored in a freezer, and it’s the best place if you’re not planning to use it for a while. Just avoid defrosting it more than a few times, because this can have an impact on the chemical structure.


So what’s the bottom line? Are we recommending this product or not? No. We’re not. We’d love to be able to embrace every potential drug test solution that comes down the pike.

But in this case, we'd have to urge you to take a pass. Our advice would be to invest your money in a more reliable product like Rescue 5 Day Detox. It will help chase those troublesome compounds from your system and thereby eliminate the need for fake pee.


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