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Last Updated On: January 2020

There are countless reasons why you would want to take a drug test in the privacy of your own home. Whether you need to meet a court-mandated screening, pass a required pre-employment exam at your workplace, check a family member for any prescription substance abuse, or just curious about the substances within your body, you need an at-home kit that you can trust.

With new rules and regulations constantly being introduced every day in 2018, there has been an increase of substance testing in the workforce, academia, sports, and other industries. I’m sure you’ve heard all about it on the news. Now, several companies have created take-home exams for anyone who may be nervous about their results. I mean, it’s better for you to learn about your results beforehand than leaving it to the fate of the lab, right? However, not all kits are created equal, and they certainly can’t all be trusted.

To help you prevent a false positive or false negative, we’re going to tell you the best at-home drug tests in our review so you can feel confident in your purchasing decision.

The 5 Best Home Drug Testing Kits

​If you’re looking for an at-home drug kit that you can use on yourself or a family member, read on for our list of the top 5 products - it’s free! We will cover all the basics of how to use the exams, which brands are most accurate, and where to buy drugs test to get the best products. Luckily for you, these kits all test urine, so you won’t need to donate any blood or saliva samples.

1. PreScreen Plus Mini

prescreen mini home drug testing kit

​One of the newest and most powerful brands on the market, PreScreen Plus Mini is considered the best at home drug test by many. This exam is easy to use and can give you an accurate read very quickly. All your questions and worries will be answered almost immediately. You won’t need to wait for hours as in just 5 minutes; it will screen for 12 of the most popular substances and opioids. It’s like a mini laboratory setup!

Product Uses:

​The PreScreen Plus Mini testing kit is extremely easy to use—simply fill the cup, seal it, and wait for the results to come in. You can view your results in just 5 minutes and should never be interpreted after 10 minutes.

​The 12-panel kit comes with 25 testing strips, meaning that once purchased, you can keep any unused strips on hand for future exams. This is a huge bonus for anyone who is expecting to complete several screenings in the near future, or for those employed at a company that conducts random substance screenings every few days.

Product Accuracy:

Most importantly, PreScreen Plus Mini is known for its high substance accuracy. Before we tested this product, we were a little skeptical of this claim. However, of all the home drug test kits we researched and based on the results we found, this product was the most accurate, able to detect even the smallest traces of a substance. What makes this exam stand out is that it goes beyond your standard urinalysis to ensure the user is completely clean from the most commonly used substances and opioids.

Some of the substances that PreScreen Plus Mini searches for include:

  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Opioids (OPI)
  • Cocaine (COC)
  • Oxycodone (QXY)
  • Benzodiazepines (BZO)
  • Methamphetamine (MET)
  • Amphetamine (AMP)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • And more
mini plus home drug testing kit

Our Review of PreScreen Mini:

Overall, we’re giving the PreScreen Plus Mini our #1 rating as the best at home drug test on the market. FDA-approved with an impressive 99% accuracy, this exam allows you to effectively screen for even the smallest amounts of the most popular substances—something that is so important when you are trying to complete a drug test for a job or medical record. Complete with 25 strips, this product offers an outstanding value for the price.

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Where Can I Buy PreScreen Mini Plus?

​If you’re looking for a brand that will provide trustworthy results with every panel, get the best pricing on the PreScreen Plus Mini here. This product is one of the newer home drug kits on the market, meaning that it cannot be found at Walmart, CVS, or in most typical health stores. However, through convenient online ordering, you can have this kit delivered discretely to your home.

2. Easy@Home

​Aptly named, Easy@Home is another popular take-home substance test that offers discrete and easy to read results. Typically sold in a pack of 5, this brand allows you to screen for 12 of the most popular substances from the privacy of your own home. With the recent drug policy your workplace implemented, you can now be prepared for those annoying screenings.

Product Uses:

​Similar to the PreScreen Plus Mini, this product is extremely easy to use. After collecting a urine sample, simply dip the testing strip with the absorbent side down into the urine and hold for about 10 seconds. Make sure the urine does not exceed the ‘max’ line. Results should appear within seconds (one line for positive, two lines for negative) and results should never be read after 5 minutes.

easy@home drug tests

Product Accuracy:

​Easy@Home screens for 12 of the most commonly used substances with an impressive 99% accuracy. However, in our testing process, we did experience an issue that made the results difficult to read.

​As outlined above, the results are either indicated by a single line (meaning positive), or two lines (meaning negative). When we tried this urine drug test kit ourselves, some of our users received an extremely faint second line, making the results a little misleading. While the results should have been negative, one could easily misinterpret them as positive using this kit.

person buying something from a blog site with a credit card

Our Review of Easy@Home:

​We found this exam to be fairly accurate and easy to use. The pack of five is reasonably priced, allowing you to have a few brands on hand whenever they are needed. While the results can be somewhat difficult to interpret if the lines remain faint, it has an impressive accuracy rating and is FDA approved. Overall, we’ve rated this as the #2 best over the counter drug kit on the market.

Where Can I Buy Easy@Home?

Where to Buy: ​When shopping for the Easy@Home kit, it is important only to buy from reputable sellers. In our experience, the best place to get Easy@Home is from Amazon.

3. ITG Labs

​Another top 5 OTC drug kit is manufactured by ITG Labs. Unlike PreScreen Plus Mini and Easy@Home, however, ITG Labs manufactured different types of screenings designed to check for individual substances.

Product Uses:

​Each ITG Labs test is designed differently depending on the substance it is checking for. However, in most cases, results are available within minutes. To use this product, you simply need to dip the testing strip into a urine sample and wait for the results.

ITG Labs at-home drug testing kit that will search for individual substances.

Product Accuracy:

​ITG Labs claims to be +90% effective, and we find this claim to be true for the specific substance that the test is checking for. However, after testing this product ourselves, we found a few things we think you should know.

​While the PreScreen Plus Mini 12-panel test can check for multiple different types of substances, ITG only screens for one substance per test.

Red tape in contact with a Synthetic urine container

​.This could be an advantage for some if you are only interested in seeing the results for a specific substance. However, in our urine test, we found that 10-panel or 12-panel brands that check for multiple substances at once tend to produce more accurate results. This is because there is always a risk when purchasing illicit substances on the street that they may be laced with very small quantities of other substances. In many cases, these quantities are so small that they don’t even produce results, but even the smallest trace could be detected in an official drug screening.

​For this reason, we highly recommend multi-substance kits, as they will be able to confirm that you are clean by all accounts.

Our Review of ITG Labs:

I​TG Labs earned the #3 spot on our list for several reasons. This brand is easy to use and provides accurate single-substance results thanks to its substance-specific formulation. For those looking to screen for a specific substance, ITG Labs offers a lot of options, allowing you to choose the test that is catered to your needs.

​However, for those looking for a comprehensive at home drug exam that will resemble any exam you do for official records, we recommend a multi-panel test instead.

Where Can I Buy ITG Labs?

​After researching where to buy drug tests to get the best rate, our team agrees that you can’t beat Amazon. On Amazon, you can purchase ITG Labs kits from verified sellers with fast shipping and affordable rates.

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4. Care Check

care check home kit for drug and alcohol users

​Another reputable brand in the industry, Care Check offers both multi-substance and single-substance tests. Sold both individually or in packs, this kit is another great option for those looking for fast in-home results.

Product Uses:

​Care Check is easy to use, and results appear within just a few minutes. To use this product, simply dip the absorbent strip into a urine sample, lay flat, and wait for results to appear (same system as most drug kits: one line for positive, two lines for negative). Care Check sells two different types of products, one that checks for several of the most common substances at the same time, and another that only checks for marijuana (THC).

Product Accuracy:

​In our trial of this product, we found it to be fairly effective. If you are only interested in screening for marijuana and not substances like ecstasy, heroin, and amphetamines, the Care Check marijuana test produced very accurate results in our trial. However, be cautious, as many strands of marijuana could be laced with small traces of other substances that most official drug exams check for. Due to this possibility, we highly recommend using the multi-panel test even if you are only interested in screening for THC.

Our Review of Care Check:

​A staple at-home drug kit, Care Check ranks number 4 on our list of best drug tests on the market. While this brand offers a great value in terms of price and effectiveness, we did have a few issues that landed it lower on the totem pole than some of the other brands on this list.

​Primarily, we found this test to be somewhat difficult to read in certain trials due to an extremely faint T line. While the instructions state that even the faintest T line indicates a negative result, some of our users misinterpreted the results because they didn’t immediately notice the second line.

Where Can I Buy Care Check?

​When deciding where to buy a drug test, it is important to choose a reputable supplier. We found that the best place to buy Care Check drug kits is from Amazon. On Amazon, they sell both multi-drug and THC specific exams with fast shipping and great rates.

where can I buy Care Check at-home

5. Identify Diagnostics

​Last but not least, Identify Diagnostics offers a high-quality drug exam that has been used both at home and by professionals. In just a few minutes, Identify Diagnostics test for 5 of the most popular substances, with six times the standard sensitivity for opiates.

identify home diagnostics drug testing kit

Product Uses:

​Using an Identify Diagnostics test is simple. Just dip the testing strip into a urine sample, and within a few minutes, results should begin to show. These products can often be purchased in packs, making it easy to store them for the future.

Product Accuracy:

​Identify Diagnostics boasts an impressive 99% accuracy and can screen for five of the most common substances at the same time. With a minimum detection amount of 300 ng/mL, this kit is considered one of the best at-home drug tests for opiates on the market. In fact, many other brands are only able to detect opiates of 2000 ng/mL.

Our Review of Identify Diagnostics:

​Although this product did not rank as highly as the other drug kits in our reviews, it still earned a spot on the top 5. We found that Identify Diagnostics is easy to use and offers quick and discrete results. However, it ranked lower in our reviews because it only checks for 5 drugs, while many other tests that are equally as powerful and affordable check for 12. This limited capacity means that you will not be screening for as many drugs as you would be in an official exam.

Where Can I Buy Identify Diagnostics?

Where to Buy: When buying Identify Diagnostics it is essential to shop from a reputable seller; otherwise you could receive test have expired or that have been tampered with. We recommend you order Identify Diagnostics kits from Amazon.

For a full summary of all these products, check out our video below:

Final Thoughts

​If the only thing standing between you and your dream job is a drug test, then you need an accurate at-home kit that you can trust and one that will work. After screening many of the most popular over the counter drug tests ourselves, each of these top five kits stood out for their accurate results and user-friendliness.

​However, while all these kits have their strengths, we stand by our top pick, PreScreen Plus Mini. PreScreen Plus Mini is a powerful at-home drug kit that is trusted by countless doctors, scientists, employers, and legal officials due to its high levels of sensitivity to 12 of the most popular drugs. With this kit, you will stay in business and will always be prepared for those drug screenings.

​If you want an at-home test that will mimic an official exam to prevent any surprises, we recommend PreScreen Plus Mini as the best option on the market.

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