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Last Updated On: August 2020

Whether you drive a truck, work as a lab assistant, or work at a counter at the airport you are likely to be subjected to drug tests.

Why do companies test urine? The reasons vary. Some are legit and some not so legit.

The fact is, in the US today - where recreational marijuana use is perfectly legal in many states - you could lose your job if you shared a joint a week before a test.

That’s pretty outrageous. But until laws do a quick catch-up with reality, it's the way it is.

There are several ways to cope with this unsettling reality.

You can detox for 2 weeks, use a tried and true product like Quick Fix, or use something like the new Piss Perfect synthetic urine delivery system.

What is Piss Perfect?

Piss Perfect is not a single thing.

It’s a kit with several components including a prosthetic penis that is supposed to discreetly deliver urine on sample day so that you can get the result you want and get on with your life.

Piss Perfect comes to us from a company called 513 Ventures and is, as we mentioned, fairly new to the market.

Three Piss Perfect Products

The Piss Perfect urine delivery system is intended to go head to head with industry leaders Monkey Dong and the Whizzinator.

Those products feature similar prosthetics designed to fool anyone who’s staring at your crotch during sample disbursement into thinking it’s your own penis.

The makers of Piss Perfect apparently did their market research and decided there was room for another player in the strap-on synthetic urine delivery system sector of the economy.

The folks at 513 Ventures have also done their homework from a design standpoint with this urine belt.

With a quick glance, it’s quite realistic and even comes in any of 5 different shades intended to mimic the skin tones of various men.

However, such urine devices have a spotty record at best. And more often that not, they are responsible for outing the wearer as someone trying to circumvent legal urine sample procedures.

But more on that later.

What Do You Get with the Piss Perfect Kit?

man thinking about piss perfect product

Unlike other similar products, Piss Perfect is not synthetic urine. Instead, it’s a urine belt kit for delivering synthetic urine to the cup.

In order to accomplish this, the kit needs to be more than just a fake willy.

As such, the Piss Perfect synthetic urine delivery kit includes sticky hand warmers to keep the synthetic pee the right temperature, a large syringe that’s used to move your fetish urine to the Piss Perfect storage pouch, and detailed instructions just in case you need them. 

What it doesn’t include is a temperature indicator. That, by itself, is not necessarily a deal breaker.

According to 513, you can confidently operate their realistic Piss Perfect urine delivery artificial shaft quick and easy using one hand. Which leaves your other hand free to stick a finger in the eye of the person watching you. 

Our experience was that, if you’re going to go ahead and try to use this on urine test day, you’d better quick practice first. 

If you’re going to use it. But why would you?

Does Piss Perfect Synthetic Urine Delivery System Work?

The need for products that enable honest, hardworking, sober people to regain control over their private lives is real.

And we welcome anything to the market that can help fulfill that need.

But for us, Piss Perfect prosthetic and urine delivery misses the mark, and we'll explain why.

Unsure woman looking at camera

First of all, from a purely technical standpoint, Piss Perfect does what it says it will do. 

It delivers synthetic urine products with a nice and even flow. The prosthetic even looks like it could be the real deal.

However, there’s more to passing drug tests than having a strap-on that’s the right color.

Now, if you don’t mind walking down the street and around the urine testing facility looking like you mistakenly ate a couple of Viagras with breakfast instead of vitamins, then great. 

Because Piss Perfect will produce the appearance of a realistic, if synthetic, erection in your pants. Or at least a semi-erection.

As far as we're concerned, however, we'd rather just take our chances with Quick Fix, or detox for a couple of weeks before any test.

Though we know that isn’t always possible.

How Much Does Piss Perfect Cost?

Cash on the table

If you don’t have a problem with the fact that the Piss Perfect prosthetic penis can be difficult to conceal, then you may want to go ahead and order it.

That, however, is when you'll run into the other problem with Piss Perfect: the price.

You see Piss Perfect urine delivery is going to set you back about $120 (before shipping). And keep in mind you’ll also have to go out and purchase some other brands too.

Or, as they recommend, Clean Pee.

Where to Buy Piss Perfect?

Of course, whether you buy the Piss Perfect and urine system or not is entirely up to you. If neither its indiscreet nature nor the price doesn't dissuade you, then you can pick some up quick at www.pissperfect.com.

But we’re not queuing up.

Why? Because if it were our urine test, we wouldn't want to take the risk. 

Piss Perfect Logo

While this seems like a reasonable solution to having someone in the room while you pee we think it might never even get to that stage because that uber-realistic artificial is likely to out you quick the minute you walk in the urine testing door. 

This will only send you shipping off to the unemployment line.


So what’s the bottom line? Can we recommend Piss Perfect urine delivery?

Unfortunately, no.

While it's well-intentioned and well-crafted, it's simply too unwieldy to be a practical urine delivery system.

Until something better comes along we’re sticking with Quick Fix fake urine because it’s easy to use, has a long history of producing favorable results and isn’t going to cost more than a round of drinks at a busy nightclub.


Bottom CTA - Quick Fix

When it comes to urine products, QF is easily our #1 choice.

This product has a 99.987% success rate meaning that it gives you the best chance of passing your drug test out of all the options that are on the market today.

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