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Last Updated On: January 2020

In some states, people that need medical marijuana can lose their jobs if they use it.

In other states where a weed stash is legal, you can still lose your job if you test positive.

It’s outrageous. But, it isn’t going to change any time soon.

High Times is a publication that has been at the forefront in the battle to legalize all forms of weed, especially medical cannabis.

So, it doesn’t seem out of character that they would hook up with synthetic urine (see more) market leader Spectrum Labs to create a line of weed detox drinks aimed squarely at those who enjoy buds.

The only question is whether their weed detox hits the mark.

What is Dank Detox?

It seems everyone from the person who collects your garbage to the cashier at the supermarket is being drug tested today. (Everyone except police, of course.)

What’s even crazier is that you can lose your job if you smoke weed in a state where it’s legal or if you need medical cannabis and later test positive.

Dank Detox drinks from High Times are intended to help you flush THC and other toxins from your system.

High Times Products

It’s not a new idea. But until now, only a handful of detox drinks, including Rescue 5 Day Detox, have actually managed to succeed at it.

The High Times detox drink is designed as a kind of power wash for your system.

Allegedly, you take it a day or so before your drug test, and it scours your system of any nasty THC that’s floating around.

The High Times Dank Detox comes in 2 flavors: Grape Ape and Strawberry Cough and they’re accompanied by 8 pills that contain botanical herbs that are supposed to buttress your system’s natural THC detox abilities.

Because of a couple of things called “chemistry” and “physiology” however, the notion of doing such a quick clean rests on shaky ground.

But, because these products come from a couple of reputable companies, we'll stash our skepticism for the moment.

What Are the Ingredients in High Times Detox Drinks?

high times product ingredients

The first thing you notice about the High Times Dank Detox is how sweet it is.

But, more on that in a moment.

Besides the syrupy sweetness, these detox drinks include such well-regarded botanical herbs as wheatgrass, guarana extract, and alfalfa -- which are supposed to track down the residue from your buds and banish them to the toilet. 

It seems we're also supposed to be impressed by the inclusion of "energizing vitamins." but, well… whatever.

In spite of the pedigree of the botanical herbs in play here and no matter how “energizing” those vitamins are, the thing that jumps right out at anyone who bothers to read the label is that each drink contains 51 grams of sugar. 

Holy diabetic coma, Batman! 

51 grams is nearly twice what you’ll find in notorious sugar nightmares like energy drinks. It’s enough to make any reasonable person stash their dough and reconsider.

Does Dank Detox Work?

Look, we want medical cannabis users, as well as those who enjoy buds for fun, to be able to live their life without fear of drug testing.

But, after downing one of these puppies and experiencing the sugar rush we have to just take a step back and say “What the…”

So, the question of whether Dank Detox from High Times “works” is a relative one.

It may well work to create a false positive for alcohol (if your company is one of a growing number that tests for booze). 

3D image of a man standing to a question mark sign

It may work to draw unwanted attention to you as you sit there jacked by the sugar rush.

And it may work to send your blood glucose levels into the stratosphere.

But, you drink this stuff to transcend a drug test. Not to acquire enough energy to give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

And when it comes to defeating a drug test, we're beginning to understand why we've seen so many scathing reviews of the High Times Dank Detox.

We’re more than willing to entertain the notion that the impressive list of botanicals and vitamins could flush the residue of those pesky buds from your system.

But, seeing that they’re encased in a sugary glaze that would make Krispy Kreme proud we don’t see how they’d be able to effectively go about their job.

Other detox drinks like Rescue 5 Day Detox don't rely on sugar to tip you over into a pee frenzy.

Instead, they patiently go about their work over the course of a few days, and in the end, you pass the drug test.

How Much Does Dank Detox Cost?

Cash on the table

Too much.

Dank Detox from High Times is going to set you back 50 bucks.

That seems more than a little excessive when you could just go to the local Dairy Queen, scarf a couple of sundaes, and get the same result for a fraction of the price.

Medical marijuana patients need a way to pass invasive drug tests. They don’t need a sugar high. 

We hate to think that such a reputable publication as High Times may have signed on for a cash grab here. But, if the shoe fits...

Where Can You Buy High Times Detox Drinks?

If you’re a person who needed medical cannabis treatment shortly before a scheduled drug test, you may want to gamble and give this a try.

With the clock short, you may have few other options.

If that's the case you can buy it from www.detoxforless.com.

But, if you have some time before your test, we'd advise a different route. Stash the Dank Detox and give Rescue 5 Day Detox a shot.

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So do we recommend these products? Sorry. No.

The best detox cleanse products don’t leave you in a compromised physical state after using them.

Dank Detox is liable to do just that -- and it may even create a false positive in the process.

Our advice to medical marijuana (or recreational marijuana users) would be to avoid the syrupy sweetness of High Times and pick up some Rescue 5 Day Detox instead.


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