Female Whizzinator – Can You Pass A Urine Drug Test With The Whizz Kit?

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I’m going to let my girlfriend take over for a sec. Meet Sarah. She can party just as hard as any of the guys, so we did some research to find out if there was a girl-version of the whizzinator. Here’s what we found:

- Enter Sarah -

We all let loose from time to time and I don’t think I am alone in letting things get out of hand in the heat of the moment! Most of the time, these spur of the moment decisions turn out just fine and end up as great memories, but not too long ago I had a big scare.


After a big weekend with some old friends, I came in to work to the news that we would be having supervised urine drug tests conducted later in the week. To say I was freaking out is an understatement!

Being such a sensitive topic, the only place I could turn to for advice was the internet. Many people shared my problem, and there were a whole lot of options to solve it, but none of them really convinced me. Most of the options involved homemade contraptions, tricks and worst of all, other people's pee.

In the end, I was not willing to risk looking like a fool by attempting to use the kind of techniques I initially found. I was resigned to the stress and awkwardness of failing that supervised female urine test. But then I found the Whiz Kit. It really is the Whizzinator for females.

When I typed into Google "How can a female pass a supervised drug test," out of all the products I found on my extensive online search, Whizz Kits were clearly the most popular but were they effective. They came across as well constructed and a very carefully thought through product that really calmed my nerves at the time. I thought i was onto a winner. How Wrong Was I.

What Is The Female Whizzinator?

For the ladies out there, you will soon realize that a significant portion of the products out there to help you pass a urine drug test are geared towards men.

However, the female Whizzinator is a product made specifically for all of us ladies out there with concerns about passing a pee test and it differs pretty significantly from the male Whizzinator.

The male Whizz Kit passes the fake urine from a small heated plastic bladder, through a fake penis which can help you to replicate flow and position while taking the test. Naturally, the women's Whizzinator does away with the fake penis, but it is replaced with a system that allows you to submit urine.

How Does The Device Work?

These kits run on a very simple principle of keeping fake urine at a natural temperature and then allowing you to very easily drain that pee out easily and on demand. Real urine temperature is pretty warm, so if you hand in cold urine, then you will get caught.

The fake urine is just as important as the actual whizzinator itself in my opinion, as it perfectly replicates human urine and has none of the risks of asking someone to help you with a bit of urine, which is not only embarrassing but really unhygienic.

Even if you manage to find some clean urine to use, you then have the whole problem of hiding it, keeping it warm and then substituting it in when it is needed. I think you can appreciate that this is not anywhere near as easy as it seems!

This urination kit supposedly helps you avoid all that messing around by giving you a system to store urine at a regulated temperature and then an easy system for draining it out into a sample cup.


Does This Women’s Whizz Kit Really Work?

I want to be 100% clear; this urination kit really does not work.

The synthetic urine that I used did not turn up a negative result for me. Whatever went wrong, I really don't know. It might of been the heat or the actual quality of the fake urine. The results came back 1 week later stating I submitted artificial urine. I lost my job instantly. Devastated!

I thought at the time the reason I failed was because I did not heat up the urine warm enough. It may seem like a trivial thing, but it is actually the key to getting your negative result. However, after doing more research online, I discovered that the actual quality of the Whizzinator urine was unreliable. Many people reported the same results as me.

Should You Believe The Reviews?

Let me be straight here. I believe other people have passed urine tests using the Whizz Kit but for me, its a big NO NO. The only product I would use over and over is Monkey Whizz (read review). It's cheaper and it worked 1st time.

I spent so much time looking at reviews and went through a lot of awful products and a failed test before finding the Monkey Whizz. 

As you can tell, I fully back this product and really think that this is the best on the market. When sitting your urine drug test, you want to make sure you have invested in the right product as you won't get a second chance to sit it. 

Monkey Whizz
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