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Last Updated On: July 2019

There was a time not too long ago when the only people that were tested for drugs were airline pilots and train conductors.

Today, however, drug testing has become so pervasive that even data entry clerks and the person that works the airline ticket counter are subjected to regular drug tests.

You yourself are likely here reading a review of a product called “Gator Wizz” because you need to pass a drug test or you’ll lose your job.

It’s just not fair. But it is what it is.
Gator Wizz fake pee is one of many brands of fake pee that promise they can help you clear the hurdle of that drug test.

But can they? Read on and find out.

What Exactly is Gator Wizz?

The Gator Wizz fake pee kit comes to you from the folks at Dr. Greens.

Dr. Greens has been around a while and is best known for their detox drinks and detox mouthwash, their detox shampoo, and a home test kit that’s received some market traction.

A few years ago, they decided to throw their hat into the premixed pee ring. 

gator wizz pack product

Their product was called 420 P Clean; and when it hit the market, it immediately attracted the attention of a company called Spectrum Labs who accused Dr. Greens of stealing their proprietary premixed fake pee recipe.

After an extended legal battle, Dr. Greens was cleared, and they went back to the business of selling their 420 P Clean. 

Along the way, however, (perhaps to prepare in case they were told to stop selling 420 P), they introduced Gator Wizz. 

In many respects, it's identical to ​other brands.

All that's really different is the packaging. And, the fact that details about Gator Wizz fake pee are kept pretty close to the vest by the company. 

They market this as a novelty fetish product -- but it's a pretty safe bet that those in the golden shower fetish community aren’t relying on premixed fake pee to get their jollies.

What’s in the Gator Wizz Pee Kit?

Three Gator Wizz

Because the FDA doesn’t regulate fetish products (which is what they consider synthetic urine), it's impossible to tell exactly what is in this premixed product.

The best we can do is hope the makers of such products disclose some basic facts: like whether their phony urine exhibits the specific gravity of real human pee, and whether it contains uric acid, creatinine, or urea. And whether or not it is pH balanced like real pee.

Most reputable brands disclose this information.

For some reason, however, this brand does not.

But beyond their disclosure phobia, their fake pee kit includes a bag that holds the phony pee, a heat pad, and a belt onto which the bag mounts.

This is supposed to allow you to discreetly get the urine into the facility so you can do your business and go home.

Will it Produce a Clean Result?

Does it work?

That’s the only question that really matters.

And the answer is, sometimes.

That’s best we can come up with because there just aren’t a lot of reviews from real live humans who have used this brand of fake pee.

Of the reviews out there, some say it saved the day. Others say it let them down. 

Portrait of confused young businessman raising eyeglasses

There’s no real consensus one way or the other -- and that’s not what you want when you’re facing a drug test that could upend your career and potentially send you home unemployed.

This mixed feedback only serves to reinforce our doubts about the efficacy of Gator Wizz fake pee.

Certainly, all the signs seem to be there that would point to a successful outcome.

The belt seems fairly well made, the pee pouch seems good enough, and the heat pad is a simple, straightforward item.

So why are customers failing?

Our guess would be that it has to do with chemistry. As in, this fake pee must be lacking in some fundamental way.

Now, it could be we’re wrong about that but what else would explain the tiny number of reviews available and the even smaller number of positive reviews?

We’re of the opinion that drug tests and uncertainty don’t mix.

So if it were our test, we'd take a pass and go right for the Monkey Whizz.

It's a whole different animal (so to speak).

It has a lot of positive buzz, is transparent about what's inside and even costs less than Gator Wizz fake pee.

How Much Does Gator Wizz Cost?

dollar bills

Normally, when a product costs more than its competitors, it's because it offers something those competitors don't.

In this case, however, the Gator Wizz fake pee kit, at $50, is more than most competitors but we can’t really see why. (Someone suggested it could be they’re trying to recoup legal fees they incurred defending their 420 P Clean against the Quick Fix lawsuit.)

Monkey Whizz is nearly 5 bucks less, has a reliable record, and won’t leave you wondering if you just submitted a bunch of old lemonade masquerading as urine.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Gator Wizz fake pee kit can be had at

But why would you bother? 

There are other products out there that have a longer, better track record, that haven’t been 

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dragged into court for allegedly stealing other people’s formulas, and which cost less than Gator Whizz.

So again, why bother?  You need a home test kit? Fine. Try Dr. Greens.

You need reliable product for an upcoming appointment? Get some Monkey Whizz.


So , bottom line, can we recommend Gator Wizz fake pee?

Sad to say, no.

“Sad” because we wish that every product out there was able to help people transcend the scourge of out of control drug testing.

But, not every type of phony pee is created equal. It’s as simple as that.

So, our recommendation would be to invest your money in Monkey Whizz brand fake pee and rest easy tonight. 


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