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Last Updated On: January 2020

You’re likely here, checking out this review of 420 P Clean, because you’re facing a drug test at work.

Chances are good you’re an honest, sober-minded, hardworking individual who is an asset to your organization.

And yet, the people that run that organization are putting your head on a chemical chopping block, ready to show you the door if your pee shows you took a hit off a joint in the privacy of your own home 3 weeks ago.

It’s insane.

And, you need a way to protect yourself.

420 P Clean, says it’s the solution you’re looking for.

But is it?

What is 420 P Clean?

420 P Clean is produced by the aforementioned Dr. Greens.

It’s a company that’s been around for the better part of 20 years producing everything from adult toys to detox drinks, detox mouthwash, detox shampoo, (who knew you could detox by washing your hair?) and home test kits.

Not that long ago the company decided to enter the premixed fake pee business. 

420 P Clean Pack

But, the product they put forward immediately got the attention of Spectrum Labs, makers of the industry-leading products.

Spectrum accused the company of stealing their proprietary recipe for premixed fake pee and sued.

The company lawyered up and after a protracted legal battle Spectrum Labs was defeated.

The takeaway from all this legal wrangling is this: the people at their company thought enough of other brands to produce what everyone admits is nearly a carbon copy.

So, what is 420 P Clean? 

What’s in 420 P Clean?

Two 420 P-Clean Product

Because the FDA see things like a fake pee kit as being a novelty fetish product they don’t require the manufacturers to list what goes into making them.

So, it’s not possible to tell without a chemistry degree and a laboratory exactly what goes into making this product. 

We do know, however, that premixed fake pee like this should display certain characteristics. 

It should have the same specific gravity as real human pee, same pH balance, and it should contain uric acid, urea and creatinine in the proper amounts.

But all we get from their company is that their 420 P Clean synthetic clean urine field kit contains uric acid.

That's it.

Now, there's a chance it also displays those other characteristics. But, because they don't talk about it, we really don't know for sure.

The fact that they want you to risk your career on synthetic clean urine they are unwilling to talk about is pretty funny.

If it were us facing a drug test, we'd thank the good Doctor for his time and pick up some better ones. 

Does 420 P Clean Work?

We’ve been able to find a few reviewers that state they got successful results using this product.

Unfortunately, we also found plenty who said it didn’t work and they got sent home as a result.

But, maybe the most surprising thing is how few reviews there are out there for this fake pee. 

Because of this lack of critical consensus, we have to draw conclusions the best we can based on the merits of what the company provides in their fake pee test kit. 

a business man holding a 420 p clean product

So what is that?

Well, as we’ve mentioned 420 P Clean is not just 3 ounces of premixed pee.

It’s a home kit intended to prepare you for your drug test. There’s a bottle filled with the aforementioned premixed pee, a couple of hand warmers, and a Velcro belt so you can keep the synthetic clean urine bottle close to your body during transit. And all of that is fine.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is uncertainty. The fact that you don’t know what you're getting, combined with the company's history of legal troubles, raises uncomfortable questions about dependability.

If it were us, we'd just opt for the Quick Fix and rest easy knowing we had a better product on our side.

How Much Does 420 P Clean Cost?

Money Character Indicates Business Person And Bank 3d Rendering

For some reason, we can’t get our head around the 420 P Clean field kit is $50 -- which is considerably more than other products with longer, better track records.

Usually, when a kit is priced up, it's because it offers something other products don’t even if that something doesn’t work particularly well. 

Not 420 P. 

You get pretty much what other premixed fake pee kits offer, but for 50% more.

Some folks may be down with the “pay more get less” school of capitalism, but we’d rather keep our money home.

Where Can I Buy 420 P Clean?

If you're the kind of person who likes to drive without a seat belt and who thinks only losers stop for red lights, then you can pick up some 420 P Clean fake pee from ​their website.

And if by some miracle you actually pass your drug test, you can even go back for a refill and tempt fate one more time.

Dr. Green Online Store Logo

We’re of a mind that tests that could upend a career should be taken seriously, no matter how unfair.

But it’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature range should 420 P Clean be?

420 P Clean should be heated to a temperature range of 94 to 102 Fahrenheit to make sure it’s in the normal range of your body temperature. It’s an essential part of the testing process, and if it’s not right, then it will lead to immediate failure.

Can you reuse 420 P Clean?

Yes, you can reuse 420 P Clean if you don’t need the full sample in one go. You will need to get another heating pack or find another way to prepare the sample. And always make sure you don’t heat it more than a few times to avoid water evaporation.

Does 420 P Clean include a temperature strip?

Yes, 420 P Clean includes a temperature strip, and it’s easy to use it. You can find it already attached to the sample bottle and you want to give it a try before you go for the test. Also, make sure you don’t apply the heat pack over the strip to avoid a false reading.

Can you keep 420 P Clean cold?

Yes, you can keep 420 P Clean cold, and it’s the best way to store it if you’re not going to use it immediately. Once the bottle has been opened, then water can evaporate, and this can lead to the sample changing its chemical consistency.

Is 420 P Clean available in retail stores?

No, 420 P Clean isn’t available in retail stores, and I would avoid buying it anywhere other than online at Dr. Greens or directly from the company. There are too many dodgy products out there, and you shouldn’t take a chance with your test.

Does 420 P Clean have a pungent odor?

Yes, 420 P Clean has a pungent odor, which you’ll find is the same as real human piss. Rather than being a negative, this is a good thing, as it indicates that the ingredients are mixed in the right concentration.

What is included in 420 P Clean?

420 P Clean consists of a bottle with 3 ounces of synthetic pee, a heating pad, a temperature strip, and instructions that will guide you through the preparation process. Mostly, it’s all you need to get set up.


So do we recommend 420 P Clean?

As you may have guessed, no.

The company may make the best home test kits ever made, but their premixed fake pee just doesn’t have the bona-fides we want to see.

There’s already enough uncertainty surrounding drug tests, we wouldn’t want more coming from the synthetic urine we chose.

So, rather than messing around with a poor imitation, we recommend you stick with the product they’re imitating: Quick Fix.


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When it comes to urine products, QF is easily our #1 choice.

This product has a 99.987% success rate meaning that it gives you the best chance of passing your drug test out of all the options that are on the market today.

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