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Last Updated On: January 2020

It’s an unfortunate reality of employment today that companies have been given enormous freedom to pry open the private lives of those who work for them. Drug testing, which began as a way to ensure train conductors weren’t smoking crack on the job, is now being forced on almost everyone for no good reason.

It’s a nightmare that doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon. So you need to do whatever it takes to secure your rights and protect your career.

Synthetic urine is one way some people are responding to the scourge of the drug test. But not all pee is created equal.

Below we’re going to look at Simple Solution to see if it’s up to the task of defeating Big Brother.

What is Simple Solution?

Simple Solution comes as part of the Simple Solution urine kit. The manufacturer claims this fake pee contains all the chemical compounds you’d expect to find in real human urine and can therefore be used to save your job if you have some reason to think your own pee would cause you problems. 

With the Simple Solution urine kit, you get 3.5 ounces of fake pee that alleged contains creatinine, amino acids, uric acid, proteins and other markers that distinguish real pee from its counterfeit counterpart. As such, a drug testing machine should not be able to tell the difference between hot pee fresh from the bladder and hot Simple Solution fresh from the plastic bladder that’s strapped to your midsection. 

So what is Simple Solution? It’s a brand of synthetic product manufactured for fetish purposes only that is purported to exhibit all the chemical characteristics of real human pee and therefore has several potential applications. Keep in mind though that because this is a fetish product, it's not regulated by the FDA. So you pretty much have to take the manufacturer's word that it's so realistic it could even fool a drug testing machine.

What’s in Simple Solution Fake Pee?

Simple Solution Fake Pee

As we mentioned, Simple Solution is more than just 3.5 ounces of realistic fake pee. It’s a kit. And with that kit you get the plastic bladder already filled with the premixed phony pee, a clear plastic tube that’s designed to channel pee from the plastic bladder to your desired target, an elasticized belt that’s used to hold the plastic bladder to your person for whatever purpose and a couple of heating pads you use to keep the pee at your desired temperature.

The belt will fit any waist up to 48 inches. And the company states that extensions are available as an added option. The heating pads work best when you preheat the fake pee in the microwave to your desired temperature and then use them to simply maintain that temp. In order to mimic human pee, that temperature needs to be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  From what we can tell this fake pee does indeed look and even smell like the real thing. But problems arise when you get past the surface similarities.

Does Simple Solution Work?

The name of the product may be Simple Solution, but it's time to separate the marketing from the reality. You see, human pee is comprised of more than 3,000 chemical compounds. And while testing machines won't be looking for all of them, they will be looking for a number of the most important ones including uric acid, creatinine, urea and others. It will also be checking to see if the temperature is within the expected range and if the fluid being submitted has the certain pH level expected of human pee.

Our research indicates that Simple Solution can be less than reliable when it comes to: 

  • 1
    Exhibiting proper creatinine levels (all humans expel this compound in their urine)
  • 2
    Providing urea (a byproduct of liver function that is also used to determine sample viability) and
  • 3
    Delivering the product without making a mess.

The third issue there is of particular interest because more and more testing facilities are using “chaperones” to try and ensure the integrity of the test. If the person making the deposit has to fumble with the clip/tube mechanism provided here (which is likely) the chaperone is going to call them out. So will Simple Solution work? It's possible. But it's equally possible it won't. If it were our job on the line, we'd just use some Quick Fix 6.2 and avoid the potential hassle.

How Much Does Simple Solution Cost?

On top of being unreliable Simple Solution is also expensive. You can expect to pay at least $79.95 for your 3.5 ounces of fake pee. Which is a lot for a product with a checkered past. If this brand could be counted on to deliver ala Quick Fix, then we could accept the high price. But asking people to cough up twice what Quick Fix costs for a product that’s only about half as likely to produce the desired result is asking a lot.

Where Can You Get Simple Solution?

If stories of failed tests and lost jobs don't carry much weight with you and you're of a mind to toss the dice with your career, then you can purchase all the Simple Solution fake pee your heart desires from their website. Just why you would do such a thing, however, is a mystery. Because as we said, if it were our job on the line, we wouldn't be banking on unproven commodities. We'd go right for the gold standard in Quick Fix 6.2 and get on with our lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Simple Solution more than once?

Yes, you can use Simple Solution more than once, but you have to be careful that you don’t heat it too often. If you don’t need the full sample for the test, then you can store it for another test to save a bit of money.

Can you find Simple Solution in a regular store?

No, you cannot find Simple Solution in a regular store, and the only official place to get it is directly from the makers. This ensures that you avoid the risk of some dodgy products that would end up being detected at the lab.

What is the best temperature for Simple Solution?

The best temperature for Simple Solution is between 94 and 102 degrees to match up with the average human body temperature. The urine test will start with a temperature reading, and if you’re outside of this range, then you will fail.

Does Simple Solution have a temperature strip attached?

Yes, Simple Solution has a temperature strip attached directly to the urine pouch. The print is tiny, and when the pouch is secured to your body, it can be a bit difficult to read. Make sure you practice this a few times before the day of the test.

Can you freeze Simple Solution?

Yes, you can freeze Simple Solution, and it’s the best way to store it if you don’t use the full amount in one go. By freezing it, you will eliminate the risk of losing some of the water to evaporation, which could cause a test failure.

What products will you find in Simple Solution?

The products you will find in Simple Solution are a 3.5-ounce pouch of synthetic piss, an attached temperature strip, two heat packs, and an adjustable elastic belt. By following the instructions, you’ll be ready to go within a few minutes.

Does Simple Solution have a rancid odor?

Yes, Simple Solution has a rancid odor that is quite disgusting and very much the same as real human pee. This is a good thing as a lack of smell would indicate the wrong types of ingredients that would be flagged during testing.


Should you choose to try and save your career using Simple Solution, you may succeed. Then again, chances are just as good that you won't. Don't gamble with your future. Take your $80 and pick up some Quick Fix 6.2 instead. It’s proven chemically reliable and has a rock solid reputation for coming through when the chips are down. 


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