Jet Clean Review:
Everything to Know About The Artificial Product

Jet Clean Synthetic Urine Review

When the US government declared a national opioid crisis in 2017 it added fuel to an already raging fire called workplace drug testing. Drug testing started in earnest back in 1991 when the government first required it for any DOT-regulated positions such as train conductors and truck drivers. Since then it's grown into something of a movement and today, there's even a brand new position created just for it called the MRO or Medical Review Officer. This is a licensed physician who is tasked with verifying test results. But, while drug testing may have started with good intentions, today it seems more like a way to pry into people's social lives than to protect the public. As a result, people have taken to using products like Jet Clean Synthetic Urine to avoid losing their job just because they took a few hits off a joint on Saturday night.

What is Jet Clean?

Jet Clean is an artificial pee product sold under the guise of being a “fetish” novelty because selling it outright as a way to subvert drug test results could land the company in legal hot water. It’s SOP for companies that sell ​fake pee and it’s understandable. So don't be worried when you see the word "fetish" on the package. (Chances are pretty good that folks who appreciate showers of the golden variety aren't going to be buying fake pee to fulfill their desires anyway.)

So Jet Clean is here to help you get that coveted "negative" result on your 5 or 10-panel drug test.

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How Does it Work?

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Unlike most ​ products (see all of them) on the market Jet Clean comes premixed. It's part of a kit that's designed to not only provide you with the fake pee you'll need to submit (3 oz. of it) but also a heating element and temperature strip. Those last 2 items are crucial if you are to submit a sample that has any chance of passing a test. Why's that? Because urine fresh from a human will typically be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with most fresh samples trending toward the 100-degree end of that spectrum. The drug testing machine is calibrated to test for temperature. So if your sample has been sitting in your pocket all morning and is now something like 73° the testing machine will reject it outright, without ever testing it for banned or controlled substances.

Because of this, it's crucial that you use the temperature strip to test the temp of your sample at least 1 hour before you're supposed to submit it. If it comes in as being too cool, attach the enclosed heating element to the pouch of fake pee with an elastic band and leave it there until the temperature is within the desired range.

Why Use ​Products Like Jet Clean?

If you have reason to believe you won’t pass an upcoming drug test either because of medications your doctor prescribed but you failed to notify the company about or because of some harmless indiscretion at a club on Friday night you have several choices.

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    ​Do nothing - Your first choice is to do nothing, cross your fingers and rely on that legendary luck that has gotten you this far. Good luck with that.
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    ​​​Call in sick - Do this on the day of your scheduled drug test, and you’re not going to fail it but everyone this side of the Atlantic will know why you called in sick and you’ll have the powers that be watching you like a hawk afterward.
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    ​Submit someone else’s pee - Some people ask their friend to donate a pee sample they can use. This may seem like a good idea until you realize that you can never be sure exactly what is in your friend’s urine sample. You could pass for the weed you smoked, but fail for something else.
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    ​Submit a sample of ​fake pee - This actually gives you the best chance of passing a drug test and getting on with your life.

​Where Did Synthetic Urine Like Jet Clean Come From?

There are now tens of thousands of drug testing machines all over the world. Each one of them had to have its ability to detect drugs validated before it was sold. Because the prospect of asking their designers and technicians to pee into little cups all day wasn’t going to work the manufacturers of these machines enlisted laboratories to create ​artificial urine for them that was/is identical to human pee. And it worked.

It worked so well in fact that some of those chemists realized they could sell this same product to people who needed to defeat those drug testing machines. And voila! A new industry was born.

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Does Jet Clean Work ?

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Jet Clean synthetic urine has a decent success rate. It contains both uric acid and urea which are two chemicals that indicate a sample came from a human, and that’s good. However, from where we’re sitting it comes up short in a couple of important areas. First, because it’s premixed it’s not going to last forever especially if you store it in the open. Second, the “kit” that comes with Jet Clean contains only the barest essentials so if, for example, there will be someone in the room with you when you provide the sample you’ll be in a very tight spot indeed. Lastly, Jet Clean does not offer a money back guarantee like Quick Fix does, so if the product fails or arrives already spoiled, you’re up the creek.

While it’s possible you’ll get the desired negative result using Jet Clean premixed ​solution it’s also possible you’ll get 3 oz. of unusable fake pee when the package arrives. Because the makers of Jet Clean keep a pretty low profile, we’d recommend using Quick Fix 6.2 instead. It’s reasonably priced, dependable and the company stands behind what they sell. Failing a drug test could cost you your career. Don’t take chances. Use Quick Fix and rest easy.


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