Urine the Clear Review:
Is This Brand As Good As Advertised?

Urine the Clear Review

Last Updated On: January 2020

Let's start this Urine The Clear review by talking a little bit about the background of the company.

Urine The Clear has been providing human pee for a variety of uses for nearly 20 years.

They claim they were the first company to offer a dehydrated (powdered) solution for private use and the only company to use a process known as gas chromatography to test their product in order to ensure consistently good results.

While all of that may be true the only question that really matters when reviewing something like Urine the Clear powdered urine is: "Does it work?"

Before we get to answering that specific question, however, let's step back for a moment and look at the big picture so those who are new to the world of made-to-order solutions can have a better idea of what they're dealing with.

​How Did Urine The Clear Start?

medical record form

Over the past couple of decades, an ever larger number of companies have instituted drug testing as a way to both minimize their liability (by preventing drug-related incidents) and ensure their workforce is healthy and productive.

While the reasoning behind the move to widespread substance screening makes sense on many levels, it's also a process that is rife with potential abuses.

It also fails to take into account random, incidental drug use that in all likelihood will have zero impact on a worker's performance either in the short or long term.

To provide themselves the best possible chance of saving their career, many individuals have discovered that substituting their own with another person's pee or with artificially-made ones is the most effective way to protect their livelihood from unreasonable damage caused by overly-intrusive testing. 

​What is the Purpose of it All?

In one of the great ironies of our age, these products were developed to provide companies that made testing equipment with a steady flow of samples so they could test their machines.

It wasn’t long though before enterprising chemists realized this product could also be sold to people looking to get past a urinalysis.

Hence, a new industry was born.

pee bottle sample ready for laboratory test

Today, thousands of individuals worldwide use these fake pee products every day to pass work and sports-related urinalyses.

Artificial piss is not without its potential pitfalls, and that is why Urine the Clear insists on supplying only genuine human piss that has been conclusively tested to ensure it is both drug and disease free.

Urine The Clear Instructions

You don’t have to be a qualified lab technician to get the sample ready, and you also don’t need high-tech equipment. But that doesn’t mean you can just take these instructions lightly.

A friend of mine, let’s call him Bob, thought he knew it all and missed a step in the prep.

The result was that he had to buy another kit. Don’t be like Bob!

Step 1: Check The Instructions
Sometimes new versions of the kits come with an extra step.

We try to keep this info up-to-date, but it’s always best to go through the instructions one more time to avoid silly mistakes.

Step 2: Mix The Sample
In your kit you’ll find some sterile water and a syringe.

Simply use the syringe to add the concentrated piss into the sterile water and shake well until you see it froth up a bit. Along with the tell-tale yellow color it will look just like pee.

Step 3: Heat The Sample
Use the heating element included and attach it to the pouch opposite the temperature strip.

It will take about an hour to get the sample up to 90 to 100 F, which is the optimum you have to aim for.

Step 4: Securely Strap On The Pouch
Obviously this needs to be under your cloths, but you’ll have to experiment a little to make sure it doesn’t look bulky.

It also has to be comfortable so that you avoid looking suspicious. It should feel natural and barely noticeable.

Step 5: Submit The Sample
Once you have the cup in one hand you have to carefully open the valve on the pouch to not spill it all over the place.

You also want to make sure that you don’t fully empty it as this will provide a very exact volume that just doesn’t look normal.

Practice this at home without mixing the sample.

You should be able to stand up at a toilet and make the entire process look like you’re whipping out your best part and actually peeing into the cup.

Okay. So Does Urine The Clear Work?

conducting a drug test for employees

Yes. And no.

We know that's a frustrating answer, but in reality, it's the only honest one when talking about this type of substitute sample.

For starters, the company states emphatically that they only accept samples from male donors for their products.

They claim to have good reasons for doing so, and perhaps they do, but the fact is male and female urine are different. 

For proof of that, you need to look no further than pregnancy tests. 

A man could pee on one of those things all day and never obtain a positive result. Even if they're not actually pregnant women can and do often receive false positives because what they emit in their pee is different than what you'll find in male pee. 

Therefore, a woman using Urine the Clear may well be outed for submitting a fake sample.

Another potential drawback is that the mixing process for their "real" solution is no different than that of any high-quality solution. Which means if you mess up or ignore any of the steps you could fail the test.  

What makes that possibility particularly galling is that you're going to pay a lot more for Urine the Clear than you will for something like Quick Fix 6.2.

Don't get us wrong.

Urine the Clear can and often does work, and the kits they provide are well thought out and cover all the bases.

However, there is no discernible advantage to using this product so why would you pay two or three times as much for it?

And How Much is That?

When considering the price of a substitute sample, whether it’s donated or artificially-made, you need to weigh it against the potential cost of doing nothing but crossing your fingers and hoping for a negative result.

That said, you also have to ask why you would pay a lot more for something if there’s another product that will do the same for less.

Urine the Clear currently charge up to $99.95 plus shipping for their product. 

money ready for buying online

Is that a lot to spend in order to save your job? No. 

But you’ll have just as good a chance of saving your job (maybe a better chance if you’re a woman) if you use the gold standard of products like Quick Fix 6.2 which is available for as little as $29.95 on the company website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature range should Urine the Clear be heated to?

Urine the Clear should be heated to a temperature range of 94 to 100 degrees before submitting it for a urine test. This is the usual range of human body temperature and anything beyond this range will be flagged as suspicious and can lead to a failed test.

Can Urine the Clear be reused?

Yes, Urine the Clear can be reused if you don’t end up using the full sample. If you have multiple tests coming up, you can store it in a cool place and reheat it, but avoid doing this too often. You could risk changing the chemical concentration.

Is there a temperature strip inside Urine the Clear's box?

Yes, there is a temperature strip inside Urine the Clear's box, and it’s one of the more critical tools in the preparation process. Once you’ve heated the sample, you have to make sure that it stays within the ideal temperature range using this simple-to-read strip.

Is powdered synthetic urine effective?

Yes, powdered synthetic urine is effective as the active ingredients are designed to mix with water comfortably. The balance of ingredients aims to mimic the consistency of real human pee, and it has the advantage of having a longer shelf life in powdered form.

How long can you use powdered urine?

You can use powdered urine for several years, but it’s essential to verify this by checking the use-by date on the box. Once it has been mixed, you should aim to use it within a couple of months as water can evaporate and cause the consistency to change.

Can Urine the Clear be kept on ice?

Yes, once mixed, Urine the Clear can be kept on ice. There is no advantage of keeping the powder on ice, but freezing the mixed sample is an excellent way to extend its shelf life. Just make sure you don’t defrost it more than a few times to avoid possible test failure.

Is Urine the Clear available in chain stores?

No, Urine the Clear isn’t available in chain stores, and you should be suspicious if you see it somewhere. The makers only sell it online through their web store to ensure that customers receive the real thing.

Does Urine the Clear have a very bad odor?

Yes, Urine the Clear does have a very bad odor that you will instantly recognize. Like real human piss. it has a strong smell, and if it weren’t there, it would indicate that the sample didn’t have the right mix of urea and uric acid to pass a test.

What items are included in a Urine the Clear kit?

A Urine the Clear kit includes an IV bag of the urine sample, an elastic belt to conceal it on your body, a temperature strip attached to the bag, and heating pads to prepare the sample before you head to the test facility.

The Bottom Line: Should You Use Urine The Clear?

When it comes to saving your job, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to go the extra mile and do whatever has to be done.

Of course, in 100% of cases, the best way to beat a drug test is not to take drugs in the first place.

Humans being curious creatures, however, it's not unusual for even the most otherwise upstanding citizen to take a few hits off a joint or experiment with this drug or that just to see what all the fuss is about.

Doing so doesn't mean they're drug addicts or bad people, just that they're human. But drug tests don't care about humans. They only care about results.

As such, swapping out their own sample with something that is guaranteed to produce a negative result is not such an outrageous idea to many people.

However, don't be fooled into thinking that just because a company says it uses "real" urine that that means their product is necessarily superior.

In fact, you'll likely have just as good a chance, and maybe better, of saving your job if you use a high-quality product like Quick Fix 6.2.

So, our recommendation? Save the money and pick up some Quick Fix 6.2 for your next urine test.


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