Molly & Drug Testings

Can Moll​y Be Easily Detected in Standard Urinalyses?”Molly” has a beautiful soothing ring to it but in reality, it’s a powerful psychoactive drug containing MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine). MDMA occupies what some consider to be a well-deserved spot on the government’s Schedule I list of controlled substances alongside heroin, morphine, and peyote. MDMA has been around for […]

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Tramadol & Drug Testings

​Tramadol Staying In Urine:​For How Long?Like most opioids, tramadol is used to relieve pain in severely ill patients or those suffering from chronic pain. It’s indicated in cases where the pain is moderate to moderately severe and not intended for the worst case pain scenarios. Patients are often advised to begin with a low dose […]

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Xanax & Drug Testings

​Can Xanax Be Detected By Standard Drug Panels?If you work for a company that conducts regular drug testing and you’ve been taking alprazolam – known by the brand name “Xanax” – for any reason, it’s important to understand that you will be tested for it. Xanax falls into the category of benzodiazepine derivatives that are […]

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Steroids & Drug Testings

​Are Steroids Being ​Screened For Normally?Testosterone was first discovered in the 1930s, and at the time you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who knew or cared much about it. Oh how times have changed. Today, it would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of anabolic steroids, and the number of people who use […]

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Nicotine & Drug Testings

Should You Worry About Testing Positive For Nicotine? Table of Contents What is Nicotine?It’s Not all About SmokingDrug Testing for NicotineWhat Can You Do?How Does Synthetic Urine Work? When you watch an old movie like “Alien,” you’ll notice that folks in 1979 when the movie came out believed that, not only would average Joes make […]

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Oxycontin & Drug Testings

Oxycontin Detection Rates:How Long Does It Stay in the Body?Oxycodone is a powerful narcotic used to help relieve the suffering of cancer and arthritis patients as well as those suffering from a host of other ailments that produce intense and/or chronic pain. Oxycontin is one of many brand names under which oxycodone is sold in […]

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Pseudos & Drug Testings

Are Pseudos Being Screened In Standard Urine Tests?You wouldn’t necessarily think of a nasal decongestant as being the source of a drug problem, but pseudos are proof positive that if someone wants a buzz bad enough, they’ll find some way to achieve it. But before we get into how pseudos are abused, let’s back up […]

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Flexeril & Drug Testings

​Is Flexeril Being Regularly Screened for in Standard UA’s?Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant that’s considered an effective short-term treatment for musculoskeletal severe injuries. It’s known for its ability to relieve muscle spasms which can facilitate recovery from such injuries. It’s not intended to be used for more than two weeks and of course, it’s not […]

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Ketamine & Drug Testings

​Is Ketamine Being Tested For?The Drug’s Detection Rates SimplifiedWhether you call it “K-hole,” “K-land,” “Baby food,” “Keyhole” or even “God” Ketamine is no joke. Developed as an alternative to PCP more than 50 years ago and first used widely in the mobile surgery units of the US armed forces during the Vietnam War ketamine is […]

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Methamphetamine & Drug Testings

Does Meth Show Up in Typical Drug Tests? Table of Contents How Did It Get to This?If ​Meth Is So Bad Why is it So Popular?Side Effects:Who Tests for Meth?How Long is ​Meth Detectable in Urine?Is There Any Way to Pass a Drug Test if You’ve Been Using Meth?The Best Solution to Your Problem… Meth. […]

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