​Is Flexeril Being Regularly Screened for in Standard UA's?


Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant that's considered an effective short-term treatment for musculoskeletal severe injuries. It's known for its ability to relieve muscle spasms which can facilitate recovery from such injuries. It's not intended to be used for more than two weeks and of course, it's not intended to be used recreationally. But that doesn't stop some people. It's known that some will go so far as to grind up Flexeril tablets and snort them. Sometimes inhaling as much as 60mg at one time (the recommended maximum daily dose is 30mg). The use and abuse of Flexeril is not on par with, say, amphetamines or opiates but there are enough people enamored of it that it has earned its own street name; "flexies."

The Flexeril Side Effects...

Flexeril has a limited number of medical applications - most notably as a treatment for muscle spasms as we mentioned - but it has a long list of potential side effects ranging from mild to severe.

These include dizziness, drowsiness, upset stomach, fatigue, skin rashes, seizures, swelling of the face, dry mouth, chest pain and swelling of the tongue.

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​Are There Withdrawal Symptoms?

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Though Flexeril seems like a fairly benign drug (when used as directed at least) overuse can lead to some significant withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it. The severity of these withdrawal symptoms will depend on the dose you've been taking, how long you've been taking the drug and whether or not you took it in concert with other drugs or were drinking while taking it. Basically, if you took ​the substance for a long time and regularly drank while taking it you can expect to experience some or all of the following:

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    A sense of lethargy
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    Muscle aches
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None of these symptoms are life-threatening, but when hit with several at the same time you can be in for a few extremely unpleasant days or even weeks until they pass.

Is Flexeril Really Addictive?

The federal government does not classify cyclobenzaprine as addictive, but that's more a function of bureaucratic hair-splitting than objective reality. In the real world, many people become psychologically addicted to the buzzy sense of euphoria Flexeril is known to produce and thereafter exhibit all the classic symptoms of addiction. But the real dangers of ​the drug extend beyond legitimate concerns about addiction to a state known as anticholinergic toxidrome.

 This condition is typically caused by mixing Flexeril with other drugs and is characterized by compromised brain function, a sense of impending doom, hallucinations and more. Should you experience these symptoms and do nothing about it, they may well lead to seizures, coma, and death.

Does Flexeril Appear on Drug Test Results?

The five-panel test used by most companies will look for things like amphetamines but won't typically look for muscle relaxers like Flexeril. ​It may, however, generate a false positive for antidepressants on some ten-panel drug tests. On top of that, if your employer is concerned with the way you've been acting recently, they can direct the testing company to look for anything at all. In which case you're likely to be snagged at some point.

Some people scoff at the idea that a company would screen for Flexeril but think of it this way: if you own a company that employs forklift drivers to load and unload trucks, do you want them to be off in Flexeril induced la-la-land while they're moving thousands of pounds of high-value merchandise around in crowded warehouses? Of course not. You want them to be mentally present and accounted for at all times, not hallucinating because they mixed their flexies with booze the night before.

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How Long Does Flexeril Stay in My System?

Flexeril has maybe the longest half-life of any street drug coming in between 1 and 3 days. This means it's going to linger in your system (and therefore be detectable by testing) for a good long time. If you've been abusing the drug for a while, it may still be detectable 2 or 3 weeks after you stop. Exactly how long it will remain in your system depends on a variety of factors including how much and for how long you took the drug, your age, how much you weigh, your metabolism and your BMI (body mass index).

How Can I Pass a Drug Test That’s Looking for Flexies?

​You feel that doomsday is nearing you. You're stressed out of your mind because you do not know exactly what to do. Do not fret, we got your back. We know how you can pass your UA easily.

So, if you work for a company that’s more likely to test for things like Flexeril, you’re going to need a workaround if you’ve been snorting ​the substance lately. Such workarounds typically involve either:

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    Doing nothing and taking your chances - This is not really a strategy. It’s just burying your head in the sand and hoping everything works out. Still, it’s your choice. So if you want to go this way, good luck.
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    Look for someone to donate pee for you - There are so many ways this is a bad idea. Start with the fact that the pee sample will be cold when you finally submit it. Meaning the machine will reject it. And then consider that you never really know what someone else has in their system. So you could pass for Flexeril but fail for morphine. There are other reasons too, but those alone should be enough.
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    Use Synthetic urine - Synthetic urine is your best bet to pass any type of urine test if you feel you might otherwise fail. Just make sure you use the heating element that comes with it so that the sample is the right temperature. And make sure you purchase high-quality synthetic urine like Quick Fix from a reputable online reseller.


Synthetic urine is used every day in dozens of countries by people like you who need to pass a drug test. If you think your sample submission will be monitored, we recommend you use a prosthetic device to deliver the sample. Monkey Dong (men) and Monkey Whizz (women) are the most reliable out there. Just be sure to practice a few times before heading out to test Flexeril.

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