Should You Worry About Testing Positive For Nicotine?

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When you watch an old movie like "Alien," you'll notice that folks in 1979 when the movie came out believed that, not only would average Joes make it into space, but that they'd spend lots of time sitting around the table in their hermetically sealed space trucks smoking up a storm. What a difference a few decades can make because today smoking has become so uncool (at least in the West) that in some municipalities it's illegal to smoke in your own house. Companies, driven by a desire to keep costs down on their health care plans, have led the way in encouraging smoke-free environments. They've also taken their desire to save on employee health insurance costs one step further lately but drug testing for nicotine. Those found "guilty" of having nicotine in their systems are typically given the choice of quitting or finding another job. Is it fair? The ACLU doesn't think so. But that hasn't stopped companies from continuing the practice of trying to tell you what you can do on your own time.

What is Nicotine?

The chemical compound known as nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco. When someone smokes a cigarette the nicotine is absorbed through the lining of the lungs and makes its way to the brain where it binds to and activates the cholinergic receptors.

In time the nicotine takes over the job of these receptors, and the brain becomes dependent on fresh infusions of nicotine. This is the point at which a person becomes addicted to smoking. (Tobacco companies used to add nicotine to cigarettes to boost their addictive potential, but these days it is believed that process has been stopped.)


If a person who has developed a dependence on nicotine stops using it, they'll suffer a rash of withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, irritability, food cravings, depression, sleep problems and more. However, in most cases, the withdrawal symptoms will begin to subside in a week or so. If the person can make it to this point, they stand a decent chance of quitting. Smoking is considered by most experts to be among the most difficult addictions to leave behind. That said, smoking is still a personal choice and as such most civil liberty scholars come down on the side of a person's right to smoke if they so choose without having to suffer discrimination for their private lifestyle choice.

It’s Not all About Smoking

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Testing for nicotine is often described in terms of attempting to ferret out smokers. But nicotine is also present in chewing tobacco and nicotine gum used by smokers who are trying to quit as well as eggplants, tomatoes, and potatoes. So when employers say they're screening for nicotine to find smokers, they're being more than a little dishonest. After all, does someone chewing nicotine gum represent a health hazard? Does chewing tobacco create second-hand smoke? Are we supposed to stop eating potatoes? You can see the thin ice those who try and justify testing for nicotine are skating on.

Drug Testing for Nicotine

In spite of the fact that testing for nicotine is legally and morally questionable and despite the fact that 28 states have passed laws banning the practice there are still 22 states where testing for nicotine is not only legal but common. If you live in one of these states you need to know how to protect yourself from employers overstepping any legitimate ‘right to know’. Urine tests designed to uncover smokers don’t look for nicotine. They look instead for a byproduct called cotinine. Cotinine is only created when the body has processed nicotine, so it’s considered a foolproof indicator. Cotinine also lasts longer in the system than nicotine (up to as many as 10 days), and so it's considered a more cost-effective chemical to test for.


What Can You Do?

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First off, what you do on your own time is your business, but if you're under the impression that smoking won't hurt you in the long run, you're sorely mistaken. While it may not be the cause of all known health problems as some "experts" would have you believe there is an undeniable connection between smoking and things like lung cancer and heart disease. You should quit. Not only will you live longer but you'll never have to worry about passing a drug test that looks for nicotine. If you have been unable to quit, however, and are facing an upcoming test, synthetic urine like Quick Fix 6.2 provides your best chance of passing that test.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

When the companies that make drug testing machines needed to test those machines they realized they couldn't possibly find enough real pee to do the job. As a result, they contracted laboratories to create fake pee for them. Not long after fake pee was invented, however, it began showing up in head shops and online as a way to get around intrusive drug testing, and it's proven its worth time and time again.

Today, high-quality synthetic urine like Quick Fix 6.2 is your best bet for passing a nicotine test and saving your job. The key is making sure you buy from a reputable online reseller and not a head shop where fake pee can sit on the shelf for years. You also need to make sure that, like Quick Fix 6.2, the synthetic urine you submit for your test contains uric acid and not just urea. While there are still some old machines in use the look only for urea most newer devices check for uric acid. Quick Fix 6.2 contains both so you're covered in either event. If you think your submission may be monitored, you may also want to invest in a delivery method like Monkey Dong (men) and Monkey Whizz (women). They'll help provide the cover you need to submit your synthetic urine sample safely and effectively.

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If you believe you have nicotine in your system that may be detected in an upcoming drug test, don’t take chances. Reach for the Quick Fix and give yourself the best possible shot at passing.

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