​What are ​the Best Cannabis Podcasts to Learn From?

21 podcast about canabbis

“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”

This quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero was documented nearly 2,000 years ago. It is still relevant today, only except for everyone writing a book, we’re seeing an explosion in the number of people recording podcasts.

No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a podcast (or a hundred) that likely addresses that topic, even if you think it’s obscure. Want an example? How about The Quack Attack: a podcast for fans of The Mighty Duck movie trilogy.

It’s no different for the world of cannabis. As a growing industry (this is the first of many puns you’ll encounter while reading this), there’s plenty to talk about. Doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, journalists, and even stoners, are weighing in on a wide array of topics to a mass of subscribers.

In this article, we share our favorite 21 podcasts to learn more about Marijuana.

​The 21 Best Podcasts About Cannabis Is Here...

1. Cash Crop – Cannabis Production Innovation

cash crop

Aimed at entrepreneurs and opportunists in the cannabis business, Cash Crop gives helpful tips on how to be successful and take advantage of the all the opportunities in this booming industry. The primary focus is on the local Denver market, but the show also explores national and international issues.


2. Weed Week

Weed Week

A news show all about weed! Journalists, Alex Halperin and Hayley Fox, discuss cannabis-related current events and go in-depth on topics such as politics, business, health, science, criminal justice, culture, and industry influencers. If you think that the way that the mainstream media covers marijuana is unsatisfactory, tune in to Weed Week to get your news fix.


3. Everyday Cannabis with Eva Sativa

everyday cannabis

Eva Sativa (cute name, right?) is a consumer advocate who says that she owes her life to this miraculous, medicinal plant. She stands firm as an advocate for patient rights, safe products, and community education. This weekly show covers a variety of topics, including research, product reviews, and legal issues. 


4. Think Hempy Thoughts

think hempy thoughts

No list of audio listening would be complete without a conspiracy theorist in the mix. Think Hempy Thoughts, started by Lyme Disease survivor, Annie Rouse, focuses primarily on a government official who was influential in criminalizing marijuana in the 20th century. This official, named Harry Anslinger, waged a war against cannabis in the 1930s.

What’s interesting about the Anslinger story is that he had gone on record prior to the 1930s claiming that it was absurd to say that marijuana caused any harm whatsoever. However, this was also during the period of Prohibition, when it was illegal to sell and consume alcohol. Anslinger played a pivotal role in keeping America dry, so when Prohibition came to an end, he needed a new enemy to slay.


5. The Cannabis Reporter

the cannabis reporter

Hosted by award-winning journalist and masterful storyteller, Snowden Bishop, The Cannabis Reporter dives into the future of the industry and how legal marijuana benefits society. She discusses medicine, health, economics, environment, and culture. Her interviews are always engaging, and she gets top-notch guests on the show, including Quddus and Mexico’s former President, Vincent Fox.


6. Talking Seaweed

talking seaweed

These guys laugh constantly. They freely admit that they’re “way too high” while they’re recording, and as a result, it takes them over a minute just to get through a basic introduction. If you’re having a rough day, their laughter is contagious. They focus on the cannabis culture of the East Coast, and they have a sophisticated palette that extends to food as well. One recent episode features Master Cannabis Chefs. 

Each episode is like an unscripted conversation blended with a foggy stream of consciousness. It almost feels like you’re in the room with them, laughing at their ridiculously funny observations.

Something else notable about Talking Seaweed is that they film their show, too! You can follow along visually either directly from their website or on YouTube. 


7. Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

KIS Organics

With all the commercial cannabis, hemp, and CBD oil products cropping up (ha, did you like that pun?), this podcast by Kisorganics strips away all the fluff and focuses on the science. You’ll learn all about the composition of soil and how it affects the nutrition of cannabis, as well as new technology, optimal growing techniques, ideal temperatures and confusing words you’ve never heard of but will be well-versed in by the end of each episode.


8. Cannabis Business Minds


This podcast is the brainchild of Kalogia, a company whose mission is to “create a safe and fair business space for the cannabis industry.” As marijuana has evolved from totally illegal, to medicinally acceptable, and is now on the verge of being legal on a broader spectrum, Kalogia’s founder, Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, recognized that the community was divided, and even at odds with each other.

Her goal is to provide everyone with the information and services they need to be successful in this industry.


9. Cannabis Health Radio

cannabis health radio

The overall theme of this podcast is extraordinary miracles happening to everyday people. At the time this article is being published, Cannabis Health Radio has recorded 223 episodes. Most of them discuss debilitating diseases with harsh death sentences that were completely reversed in a matter of months. 

A recent episode, titled “Extremely Rare Form of Rectal Cancer Cleared in Only 3 Months with Cannabis Oil” is worth a listen. This woman’s story is so compelling and also scary! 


10. Vox’s The Weeds

Vox The Weeds

If you love politics, you’ll appreciate The Weeds. Developed by Vox Media, The Weeds podcast features a team of talented hosts who love going into the weeds, so to speak, to give you all the nitty-gritty details of what’s going on in the world of politics and how it relates to marijuana. 

Recent episodes talk about chaos in Trump’s White House, the opioid epidemic, and policies around immigration and disability. Unlike mainstream media that delivers everything in 30-second soundbites, the team at Vox Media sheds light on the issues the media can’t (or won’t) touch and provides an astounding depth of detail.

Listen to this show, and you’ll win every dinner party argument.


11. WV Green is the New Black

Green is the new black

The WV in this podcast’s title stands for West Virginia, and most of the content is centered around issues in that state. However, we believe that the concepts in the podcast are universal, so we encourage you to listen to an episode and see if it resonates with you.

The show aims to unite entrepreneurs, patients, and informed citizen advocates to ensure fair and just legislation. Episodes work to dispel myths and educate people on its benefits. Definitely applicable to everyone with a stake in the outcome of the pot industry, right?


12. Weed and Whiskey

weed and whiskey

Talk about an interesting pairing! Based in Spokane, Washington, hosts (and budding comedians – ha, another pun!), Casey and Josh drink whiskey, smoke pot, and ramble about life. Actually, the rules of the podcast are that only Josh smokes weed because Casey gets too chatty when he’s high, allegedly.

There’s no set schedule to the show, so be prepared for a flurry of episodes and then silence for weeks at a time. Still, it’s worth the wait to listen to these funny guys and their fellow comedian guests.


13. High Minded by the Cannabist

highminded by the cannabist

This podcast takes a serious and organized approach. It’s a bit dry, to be honest, but the host Alex Pasquariello is new to the world of podcasting, and he’ll likely up his energy levels as he gets more experience.

We appreciate the multi-faceted approach this podcast takes on the industry as a whole, which Alex describes as having three acts. Act I covers a timely news story; Act II focuses on government policy; and Act III discusses pros and cons of legalization .


14. The Cannabis Corner 

the cannabis corner

If you’re new to the world of marijuana, this podcast is an excellent place to start. The Cannabis Corner is hosted by an author and grower/caregiver team, Joshua Braff and Adam Teitelbaum. It addresses a lot of the questions that newbies to marijuana face, including, what is CBD, what edibles are best for different maladies, and even where it’s safe and legal to buy pot.


15. Periodic Effects: Cannabis Business Podcast

the periodic effect

In heaven, we think that there will be an endless supply of caramel and cannabis. Thankfully, the host of Periodic Effects, Wayne Schwind, ditched his career in engineering to start a company called Periodic Edibles, which makes cannabis-infused caramel and delivers a little bit of heaven right here on Earth. Have you ever tried this delectable treat? If not, go out and get one after you finish reading this. 

The show is aimed at people interested in the business aspects of the industry, and there are often stimulating discussions and debates about the future. And, given that Schwind is an engineer, there’s plenty of science that sneaks into each episode, too.

A unique feature of this podcast is that it’s recorded in front of a live audience (in Portland, OR), so you can hear the interactions from the audience, and there’s always a Q&A session.

16. IMDWeed


A podcast that combines pot and movie culture? Count us in!

Two women (Kelly McInerney and Jessica Androsky) get together, smoke pot and talk about stuff. They are real-life, actual comedians who are hilariously funny and they’re perpetually stoned, at least during the podcast. They spend quite a bit of time discussing a movie of the week.

Oh, and they don’t even bother discussing current movies, which makes this show even funnier. Recent episodes centered around Flatliners and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. Plus, they bring on guests, so the hilarity doubles.

If Siskel and Ebert were female and smoked pot, it would sound a lot like this podcast. 


17. GrowCast: The Official Cannabis Podcast


Want some excellent growing advice from the experts? You’ve come to the right place with the GrowCast podcast. Cannabis grower, Jordan River, interviews a variety of expert growing guests and also mixes in appearances from musicians, filmmakers, and even chemists.

Consider this show educational, with some fun mixed in.

Did you know that composting tea can kill your weed? Neither did we, at least not until we listened to the show!


18. Ganjapreneur


Thinking about getting into this growing industry, but not sure where to start? The Ganjapreneur podcast will ignite your entrepreneurial spark and arm you with the details you need to get going.


19. Dopefiend 


This podcast is your one-stop shop for everything you wanted to know about cannabis. It takes a more global perspective, mostly because it’s recorded in the UK (complete with the charming accents). You’ll learn about all the tech stuff, news and get a healthy dose of comedy.

It’s worth tuning in just for the catchy intro.  


20. CannaInsider – Interviews with the Leading Voices of the Cannabis Industry


If you’re familiar with the movers and shakers of the industry, this podcast is like a who’s who of pot celebrities. This show takes a more highbrow and sophisticated approach, interviewing Harvard professors, investors and doctors. It’s well-organized, and if you’re looking for something informational, subscribe to this podcast and listen carefully to what host Matthew Kind covers. He’s on the cutting edge.


21. The Marijuana Solution

florida marijuana

Recorded in Florida, The Marijuana Solution addresses issues related to the legalization of pot, and it discusses specific challenges that the Florida community is facing. For example, marijuana is legal in Florida for medical use, but even then, the laws are severely restrictive. If you’re in a state with a similar situation, this podcast will be of particular interest. 



Whether you’re new to this topic or you’ve got heaps of knowledge and experience, there’s a podcast about cannabis out there that will match your preferences and personality perfectly! 

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