Whizzinator FAQ – Step By Step Guide on How to Use It


The Whizzinator is one of those products that is hard to ask the advice of others about. For whatever reason, it can be very uncomfortable asking about how exactly this product works.

I see so much bad advice and information out there, that I think it is important to clear the water and offer you all the questions about the Whizzinator that you want to know the answer to and maybe even answer some questions you didn’t know you had!

1. Is the Whizzinator the best device to pass a urine drug test?

The Whizzinator is more suited for other uses. If your solely looking to pass a urine drug test then we would recommend The Monkey Dong. It's more reliable, cheaper and has better pass rate.

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2. Can the Whizzinator be used to pass a drug screen?

The Whizzinator was always designed as a novelty item and this is the only use that is supported by whizzinator.com. Using this kit or synthetic pee to cheat a urine test could potentially breach of state and federal law and the manufacturer does not support the product being used in this way.

Please use the product responsibly and in accordance with the law.

3. What is synthetic or ‘Quick Fix’ urine?

The Quick Fix urine that is included with the Whizzinator is medical grade synthetic urine. This product has been created under laboratory conditions and possesses the same traits and compounds as natural pee.

Quick Fix pee has a balanced PH level, color, foam and specific gravity that matches the real thing. With synthetic pee, you can experience a true wet sex experience in a clean and hygienic manner.

4. How much will synthetic urine can fit inside the Whizzinator?

The plastic bag that comes with the kit has a capacity of 4oz, but you should not try and fill it to capacity, as this could put pressure on the urine bag and cause leaks.

Either the 2oz or 3oz Quick Fix bottles of synthetic pee will fit comfortably into the device.

5. How do you stop and start the urination process using the Whizzinator?

The kit has been designed to be very user-friendly and as straightforward as possible to use. To begin the urination process, the user simply has to apply pressure to the head of the fake penis using a pinching motion with the thumb and forefinger.

This will begin the flow of synthetic urine immediately and as soon as you release this pressure, the flow will stop. Both the Whizzinator and Whizzinator Touch use the same system, but the touch is the updated version with an extra safety valve mechanism that supposedly prevents the chance of leaks.

6. How do I know the Whizzinator will fit me?

The Whizzinator is a ‘one size fits all’ product and almost anyone can use it. The Whizzinator has an elastic waistband that will fit people with a waist up to 54 inches in size and can be easily adjusted. 

7. How long does synthetic urine last?

The synthetic urine that comes included in the kit is good for one year, while the ‘Quick Fix’ urine that can be purchased separately as a refill has a two-year shelf life.

8. Why are there warming pads in the kit?

The warming pads are included so that the urine can be kept at a steady, human-like temperature. This is so that you can get a full, human-like experience, even while using synthetic pee.

9. How long will the urine stay warm?

Because the heating method for the urine combines the heat pads with your natural body temperature, it is unfortunately impossible to give a definitive answer about how long the pee will stay warm.

10. Is there a Whizzinator designed for women?

Yes! Both the refillable and non-refillable Whizz Kits are designed for women. These kits operate in the exact same way as the male kits, just without the use of a prosthetic penis. However, we found that the Whizz Kit unreliable just like the Whizzinator.

The tubes included in these kits can be cut to any length you desire. It can then be fitted to the belt, with the tube running down your butt crack. This method allows you to fully simulate urination without any visible devices getting in the way.

11. How do I clean the Whizzinator?

When cleaning the Whizzinator, you should not use any kinds of soaps or chemicals. Using any kind of cleaning product can introduce contaminants to the device and impact its operation.

For the best results, always use plain tap water to rinse out the product thoroughly.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Best Use The Whizzinator Kit

Below, I have outlined the steps on how to use the kit. Please take your time as it's pretty easy to mess up using this device.

  1. Begin by dissolving the dehydrated urine into a cup of water. The instructions on the pocket give the exact quantities required. Put this aside for now.
  2. Take your device and ensure that the white clip is in the closed position (this is down). If you don’t do this, then you will be in for a surprise when you fill up!
  3. Using the included syringe, suck up the synthetic urine mixture from the cup and squirt it into the Whizzinators refill port.
  4. Now you need to activate the heat pad and apply it to the urine bag. This should be done on the side opposite the temperature strip – removing the Velcro will be necessary.
  5. At this point, you should put the belt on, ensuring that the side with the heat pad is against your body. The pad and your body heat will work together to keep the urine warm.
  6. You will now have to wait until the urine reaches the desired temperature. For a true humanlike experience, you should wait until it is in the range of 98-102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. At this point, you are ready to go! Whenever you wish to release the urine, you need to ensure the white clip is in the up position and simply apply pressure below the tip to begin the flow.

As you can see, the operation of this device is pretty complex. Even if you follow the instructions there is a good chance you still might fail with due to the quality of the fake urine. As stated before, if your looking to use it to pass a urine drug test, then the Monkey Dong is the best choice. It's cheaper and more reliable.

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