​How Many Days Does Vyvanse Stay In The System?

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Schedule II controlled substances are those that have proven medical applications but which also tend to be abused and generate addiction. Percocet, Oxycontin, and Morphine are three examples of Schedule II drugs. Lisdexamfetamine, (L-lysine dextroamphetamine) sold in the US under the brand name Vyvanse, is another. Vyvanse is used primarily to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and binge eating disorders. Vyvanse is the classic case of a mixed blessing as it is considered an effective treatment for ADHD but carries with it the potential as mentioned earlier for abuse along with a ton of side effects. The least impactful of which are dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, fever, jitters, headaches, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Vyvanse doesn't have any specific street names. It may be referred to as "Vy" but more often is either referred to by its brand name or by standard amphetamine tags like "speed," "bennies," "jelly beans," "dexies," "footballs" or "uppers."

Why Bother With Vyvanse?

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There are a lot of amphetamines on the market. What is it about Vyvanse that keeps recreational users coming back? Well for starters people who use lisdexamfetamine claim it gives a nice jitter-free buzz. Others tout the fact that it’s long lasting and doesn’t slam you at the start or send you crashing to the ground at the end. Others just like the fact that you’re likely to get about 12 hours from a single 50mg tab and ignore the more serious side effects that can include hives, slurred speech, seizures, hallucinations, chest pain, aggression, numbness in the extremities and psychosis. It shouldn’t have to be said but if you experience any of these severe side effects when taking Vyvanse get yourself to the emergency room pronto.

Who Uses Vyvanse?

Vyvanse tends to appeal to those who feel the need to stay awake for extended periods. That would include long-haul truckers, people working two jobs, college students cramming for exams, doctors pulling insane hours during their residency, cops on stakeouts, long-haul bus drivers and more. It also appeals to amphetamine addicts for no other reason that it's an amphetamine. The fact that Vyvanse (when used in moderation) doesn't produce some of the more odious effects of some other forms of speed makes it a kind of connoisseur's speed. Even the most discerning connoisseur, however, runs the very real risk of becoming addicted.

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Why You Should Worry About Your Vyvanse Use

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It’s amazing how many people think that their private lives are really private these days. You see examples of this mistaken belief all the time when people commit crimes oblivious to the notion that there might be a security camera watching. Others will tell the cops they were nowhere near this place or that unaware that the phone they carry with them generates a constant record of their location. And still, others use drugs like Vyvanse to party all weekend unaware it could cost them their job come drug test time.

Every standard five-panel drug test on earth screens for amphetamines so if you work for a company that drug tests and you don’t want to wind up looking for a new job you’d be wise to avoid this (not so) little red and white capsule.

How Long Does it Remain Detectable to a Urine Test?

Another thing that attracts amphetamine users to Vyvanse is that it has one of the shortest elimination half-lives of any recreational drug. Under an hour. This means that in theory, the lisdexamfetamine itself will clear your system just a few hours after the buzz wears off. That’s good news for anyone who has put the pedal to the metal over the weekend. Isn’t it? Well, yes and no. While it’s certainly nice that the drug itself clears your system so fast what it leaves behind is not so nice. You see lisdexamfetamine metabolizes into dextroamphetamine which then remains in your system (and detectable by a urine test) for 3 to 4 days. So if you’re thinking you’ve outsmarted the drug testers by using Vyvanse instead of some gutter speed, think again.

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Is There Any Way to Pass a Drug Test After Using Vyvanse?

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If you're lucky, you'll have a week's notice and stand a decent chance of passing the drug test without having to take any extraordinary steps. But who gets a week's notice for a drug test? It's far more likely you'll need to figure out some other way of saving your job. Typically those ‘other ways' include:

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    Calling in sick - Sure it might work once. But if you’re in the habit of using Vyvanse on a regular basis it won’t work twice. On top of that once you return to work you’re going to be under the microscope and any credibility you had will be shot.
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    Flushing your system - There are a lot of products on the market that promise to flush your system of unwanted drugs in a matter of hours. There are also a lot of products that promise bald guys a full head of hair in one easy step. They both have about the same amount of credibility.
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    Seeking a donation - Some people ask their friends to donate pee they can use to pass the test. This is a formula for disaster for several reasons. First, the pee will be cold when you submit it (fail). Second, it will likely have started to break down by the time you submit it (fail). And third, it may test positive for something else (fail).
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    ​​​Using synthetic urine - Synthetic urine like Quick Fix 6.2 is indistinguishable from genuine human pee. As long as you use the heating device that comes with it to ensure the sample if between 90 and 100 degrees and you mix the sample close to test time you stand a better than 99% chance of passing.

One last note: If you believe the drug test will be monitored we recommend using a proven prosthetic delivery device like Monkey Dong (for men) or Monkey Whizz (for women). They’ll provide the cover you need to submit your Quick Fix safely and get back to work.

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