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Synthetix5 Fake Pee Full Review

Last Updated On: January 2020

Synthetix5 fake pee beats its chest and claims to any who will listen that it is the "world's best synthetic urine." While that's not quite as big a boast as claiming to be the world's fastest human or even the world's best pizza, it's still the kind of claim that not only reels in those prone to believe such things.

 It also attracts the attention of skeptics who are only too happy to put it to the test. So being somewhat skeptical ourselves we were drawn to the "world's best" claim and decided to put Synthetix5 under the microscope.

What's Our Synthetix5 Review Say?

Synthetix5 with uric acid and urea has set the bar pretty high for itself by claiming to be the best fake pee on planet earth. That's a lot to live up to, and the Synthetix5 reviews don’t always back up that claim. But before we get into those let’s look at the evidence Synthetix5 uses to buttress its claim of fake pee global dominance. First, it claims to be unisex. That sounds pretty good, and it might be important if testing companies tested for gender. The fact is, however, that no standard drug test looks for gender-identifying hormones or chromosomes. Therefore, all fake urine products (more reviews here) can be said to be unisex. So there's nothing so special about that claim.

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Next, they claim to be laboratory grade. That is the makers of Synthetix5 claim that their product is somehow unique in mimicking the urine that's used to test the testing machines. While that's a good thing, they are far from the only company that can honestly make that claim. Besides, they claim the fact that the product contains both uric acid and urea sets it apart from all other fake pee products. The reality, however, is that most of the more dependable products on the market today contain both urea and uric acid. So again, this is not unique to Synthetix5.

What do the other Synthetix5 Reviews Say?

As you might imagine with any product claiming to be the best in the world reviews of Synthetix5 are a mixed bag. Many seem genuine and discuss the pros and cons of the product while others seem motivated either by a desire to prop the product up or tear it down. In our case, we tried to steer clear of the more extreme opinions and concentrate on those things that could be measured. In particular, whether the product delivers on its promise to do a better job than any other product in helping you pass a test or whether a Synthetix5 fail is in your future.

Performance Anxiety?

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The only thing that matters when it comes to a product like this is if it produces the desired result and you get to keep your job or license or a security clearance or gold medal or whatever. Labcorp is one of the 2 most prominent drug testing labs in the world (Quest Diagnostics being the other), and there have been questions raised about Synthetix5 and Labcorp. Specifically, some of the people we talked to expressed the opinion that Synthetix5 would not stand up to Labcorp scrutiny. We could not find one person who produced actual evidence to back up this claim. Instead, this assertion that Synthetix5 and Labcorp don’t mix seems to be little more than an urban myth. That should be good news for anyone who has purchased this product with the hope that it will enable them to pass an upcoming test. The larger question, however, remains: will you pass a Synthetix5 lab test or will your sample be kicked out as fake with you sent to the unemployment line?

As far as we can tell you stand a pretty good chance of passing any test using Synthetix5 as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. That's good. Without a doubt. But it doesn't accurately establish that this particular fake pee product is, in fact, the world's best or that it will produce the desired result even when other fake pee products fail. In fact, during our testing, we found maintaining the proper sample temperature tricky at best, with the heating elements not nearly as effective as you'll see with QuickFix for instance. And when you consider that the first thing the testing machine checks for is the proper temperature (between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a human), if you can't keep your sample at the right temperature, you're screwed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Synthetix5 be reused?

Yes, Synthetix5 can be reused if you don’t use the full sample in one test. You can reheat it a couple of times for future tests, but it’s best to avoid doing this too often. If you do, then the liquid will evaporate, and the concentration levels will change.

Does Synthetix5 have a temperature strip included?

No, Synthetix5 doesn’t have a temperature strip included, which is a bit of a downside to the product. However, you can get these easily online, and you will need one to be fully prepared before the test.

Should you store Synthetix5 in a refrigerator?

Yes, you should store Synthetix5 in a refrigerator, especially after the bottle has been opened. If you keep it at room temperature or in direct sunlight, then the chemicals can break down, and some of the water will evaporate, resulting in a higher risk of failing the test.

Can Synthetix5 be purchased in stores?

No, Synthetix5 cannot be purchased in stores, and the only safe place to get your order is directly from the company that makes it. There are too many counterfeit products out there, and you cannot take any chances with such an important test.

Does Synthetix5 have a nice smell?

No, Synthetix5 doesn’t have a nice smell, and that is an excellent and essential feature of any synthetic urine. If it didn’t smell like real piss, then it would be a total red flag, and it would be very likely that it didn’t contain the right ingredients.

What ingredients are in Synthetix5?

The ingredients that are in Synthetix5 include urea and uric acid for the main part. While the other components are kept a secret, it’s important to note that the above two are contained in the right concentration.

So What’s the Verdict on Synthetix5?

It’s hard to review any product that claims to be the world’s best without letting that kind of boastfulness color the review. Synthetix5 reviews are no different. But we’re going to set aside their PR for the moment and focus strictly on the product and whether it works. In our considered opinion you stand a good chance of passing your test if you use this product in the recommended manner. That said, all the evidence we could muster does not point to the product as being any more effective than any of the other, better-known products like Quick Fix 6.2. In fact, in a head to head comparison we have to say that we prefer the QuickFix transport and delivery devices over those of Synthetix5 and we also found it easier to maintain a stable temperature using QuickFix. That’s probably not what the people who make Synthetix5 want to hear, but it is what it is.

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You may well choose to disregard our conclusions here. And that is indeed your prerogative. However, as far as we are concerned, we'll take the proven reliability of QuickFix over Synthetix5 every day. That’s not to say the Synthetix5 is not a good product. Just that, with so much on the line in most drug testing situations, it's in your best interest to give yourself the absolute best shot at obtaining the desired result. And for our money, QuickFix, and not Synthetix5, gives you that shot.


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