How Much Does it Cost to Take a Urine Drug Test?

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If you ever need to undergo urine drug testing, you will need to see to it that you get it done by a reliable testing center.

You need to be sure that the results that they are going to come up with are going to be accurate and reliable ones.

At the same time, you want to see to it too that you are well aware of the costs, so you can set aside the right figures to pay for the procedure.

For people that are not looking forward to the expenses involved in undergoing the test, it is reassuring to know that it is not going to exceed a hundred bucks.

Compare this with the cost of a full drug rehabilitation program and one will find the tests are actually relatively cheaper.

Besides, one will find that there are a lot of places these days that either offer these tests for free or at a much lower cost - perfect for those that may not have the luxury to pay for the procedure.

What are the Costs to Expect?


It is important to remember what the tests are going to reveal. For instance, it is important to remember that this is an evaluation that will measure the urine for the presence of specific prescription medications as well as illegal drugs.

A lot of employers these days require their potential employees to undergo this kind of assessment before they are to be fully hired.

In the event that one gets a positive result for something that he has not taken, he should require taking an MS or a GS evaluation as soon as possible.

With the rise of companies asking their employees to undergo testings, the number of people trying to beat urine drug tests increases as well.

Ultimately, most tests range in the $50-$150 range depending on the panel of drugs they're testing for.

A simple marijuana test might only cost $60, but add in cocaine and it increases 2x.

Can Your Insurance Cover it?

There are some insurance policies that do cover the procedure. But this is not always true for all.

Before you do decide to use your insurance to cover the drug screening, it is still best to call up your provider.

Make an inquiry on whether it is indeed involved in the list of things that they will pay for or not. This prevents you from being in an inconvenient situation in the event that you expected them to and it turns out that they do not.

Are There Free Ones Out There?

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One will find that in most cases, the test is not going to be free.

Of course, one will find other places that may offer it at a discounted rate or at a much lower cost when compared to other testing centers.

But it is highly recommended that people should take the time first to find out whether these are the clinics that can be trusted to carry out the tests right and then come up with credible results.

Their reputation and overall credibility should be taken into account so you can be sure that the results that they will be able to provide you with ones that can be trusted where accuracy goes.

Look around and find as many clinics as you can. Find out how long they have been in the field and what the consensus is about so you would know what to expect. Best to look at other people's review and feedback, and their experiences with these clinics.

Why Do Employers Drug Test Anyway?

How much does it cost

A lot of people who are told they’ll need to take a drug test don’t really understand why. Maybe they’re applying for a data entry position or perhaps they’re looking for an entry level job at McDonald’s and they’re told that, as part of the application process, they’ll need to submit to a drug test.

But why would you need to take drug test to work in a burger joint? Are they afraid you’ll get the munchies and eat all the French fries? While it’s understandable that someone would have to be on the straight and narrow to drive a massive big rig or operate a crane 1,000 feet above the street in other instances it just doesn’t seem to make sense. So why do so many companies drug test in the first place?

  • To keep their insurance premiums low - If a company can provide their insurance carrier with absolute ironclad proof that their workforce is squeaky clean they may qualify for certain types of insurance discounts, including workmen’s comp discounts. While it may seem like a thin justification to someone asked to subject themselves to a test the fact is any break a company can get on their insurance is welcome.
  • To cover themselves legally - Alcohol and drug related incidents can often result in the kind of lawsuits the put companies behind the financial 8 ball. Let’s say you own a call center and one of your employees shows up drunk and assaults someone else. In all likelihood you, the owner, would be financially responsible for any damages. By testing employees both during the hiring process and while they’re at work for you can help discourage out of control behavior.
  • To increase productivity - Without making any moral or character judgements it’s fair to say that most stoners are not known to push the envelope of productivity. So even if being high on your job isn’t going to endanger anyone it might still take a bite out of productivity. And in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace that’s not going to float with many business owners.

A potential employer can never force you to submit to a drug test. However, they can make taking a test a prerequisite for employment. And as long as they don’t administer it in some way that violates your rights there is nothing to stop them. So no matter who is paying for it, if a prospective employer says you’ll need to take a test you have 2 choices: either submit to the test or look for a different job.

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