Are LSD and Mushrooms Being Screened For Today?

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Most people are under the impression that LSD dropped off the cultural radar some 50 years ago but the fact is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide has been with us the whole time. Sure it's had its ups and downs as far as popularity goes, but it's never been entirely out of the picture when it comes to those with a taste for recreational drugs. In the past decade or so, a new generation has come of age LSD has seen a resurgence of sorts and today is back to being the hallucinogenic of choice for young people from Saint Petersburg to San Francisco.


LSD has been around since the late 1930s when it was first synthesized from the fungus "ergot." In the 50-odd years since it came to prominence as the Scotch of the so-called counterculture, it has accumulated a slew of names including "acid", "blotter", "dots", "Lucy", "window pane", "purple microdot", "tab", "heavenly blue", "purple heart" and "zen". LSD was first sold commercially in Europe in 1947 under the name Delysid, but it's one of the few drugs to achieve widespread awareness and use that has never been available by prescription at the local pharmacy in the US. It was, almost from the very start, a largely experimental substance here and its dispensing was very tightly controlled.

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While you couldn't purchase it at the local store you could, until 1966, purchase the formula for creating LSD from the US patent office and synthesize the substance yourself, which many did. In 1967 however that privilege was revoked and in 1970 it was officially classified as a Schedule I substance by the US government meaning that, in the eyes of the Feds, LSD has "a high potential for abuse" and "no currently accepted medical use." The effects of LSD can vary widely from person to person. Some will experience extraordinary hallucinations; others simply feel a sense of euphoria while still others may sink into a pit of despair. Some will be completely unaffected.



Psilocybin mushrooms are another of those drugs you could never buy at the pharmacy, but unlike LSD they've been known and used by humans for thousands of years. Also known as "shrooms," "magic mushrooms" or just simply "mush" mushrooms produce effects very similar to LSD including hallucinations, a sense of euphoria and an altered sense of time. Shrooms typically have a nasty taste and are often coated in chocolate or brewed in tea to make them more palatable. Magic mushroom use is not as common as it once was but it still pops up here and there.

How long do Shrooms and Acid Stay in the System?


Both LSD and mushrooms have short half-lives which means they'll often clear your system within a day of the time you come down. But you can't bet the farm on that because the actual amount of time it takes to eliminate these drugs will depend in large part on your metabolism, size, age, overall health and more. In truth, it could be eliminated in one day, or it might take a week. In your parents (or maybe grandparent's) day there were a lot of wacky myths circulating about LSD, including one that warned trace amounts would remain in your nervous system for the rest of your life. Fortunately, those turned out not to be true. Although there have certainly been cases of negative long-term consequences from the abuse of these drugs including persistent psychosis, paranoia, visual disturbances, disorganized thoughts and more.

They Don’t Screen for Hallucinogens, Do They?

While the standard 5-panel drug test doesn't bother looking for LSD or mushrooms more specialized tests known as Abuscreen and EMIT do. Most companies will not bother ordering the more sophisticated tests however for a couple of reasons. Namely, they're expensive, and few companies think their employees are dropping acid. In some cases, if an employer feels hallucinogens might be in play they'll order one of the more thorough Abuscreen or EMIT tests, often without providing prior warning to the employee being tested.

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I’ve Recently Dropped Acid. Should I Worry?

With some drugs, you can go to your employer, tell them you've been prescribed XYZ by your doctor and take your test without worry. Not with acid or shrooms. If you're facing a urinalysis only a few days after taking LSD or mushrooms, you'll need a way to ensure the urine sample you submit is as clean and clear as you are. That's where synthetic urine comes in. The ones today such as Quick Fix 6.2 are virtual carbon copies of human pee and should allow you to pass even the most rigorous drug test.

The Next Steps For You...

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Quick Fix is readily available through a variety of online resellers who will ship it to you overnight so it will be there in plenty of time for your test.  The most important things to remember when purchasing and submitting a fake sample are:

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    Don’t buy from a head shop - Head shops are notorious for selling these products they’ve had lying around for years. Or for selling the cheapest, least reliable fake pee, they can get their hands on.
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    Make sure it’s the right temperature - Testing machines expect human pee to be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Your Quick Fix kit will come with a warmer. Learn how to use it.
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    Use a prosthetic delivery method if need be - If you think you're going to have company while submitting your sample use a reliable prosthetic delivery device like Monkey Dong for men or Monkey Whizz for women. The names aren't much but the products work.

If you’ve recently partaken of LSD or mushrooms and are now facing a drug test, products like Quick Fix 6.2 is a proven way out. Don’t waste time trying to flush your system or asking your buddy for a urine sample that may itself be compromised. Use Quick Fix and relax.

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