Can You Preserve Real Human Urine?

preservation of real human urine samples

There are different reasons as to why preserving urine may be necessary. You may need it for future personal use, or your physician has asked for an at-home sample. No matter the cause, it’s important to know how to properly preserve human pee, if you want it to stay good for a period of time.

One of the more common reasons why people decide to preserve human urine is to use it as a drug test sample because they did something naughty during a weekend two weeks ago. Nevertheless, now you got some of the real stuff from one of your friends to use as a sample for your next drug test but you're wondering if it will stay good for another week or two. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're looking to preserve real human pee:

9 Simple Tips For Preserving Human Pee:

Tip #1

Remember that urine is considered a biohazardous material, which means that it can be a risk for our health and thus should be treated as such. When preserving pee, be sure that you’ve collected it with the utmost care. Gloves are highly recommended, but not a necessity. However, washing your hands will matter tremendously. You want to decrease any chance of contamination to your preserved sample. This will affect its preservation. The cleaner you can collect the sample, the better overall for its collection and preservation.

soap wash

Tip #2

pee sample

Where you store it counts. An air-tight, sterile resalable container is essential. This ensures that no other materials are mixing with your urine.

Here’s what’s not OK: Some people try preserving their sample in a resealable plastic bag, which is simply not the best way. If it’s going to be a plastic bag, make sure it’s sterilized, but really, don’t do this. We only mention it here so that you know we’re not fans of this. It’s messy, and it can leak. Again, pee is a biohazard material. Anything that doesn’t hold it properly shouldn’t be an option.

Tip #3

If you are preserving it for future use, label the container, especially if there are multiple people in your work or business preserving samples. Name and date are the most important, but your medical practitioner may require other information. They’ll let you know.

Once you put it in the container, we also recommend placing the container in a sealable bag. This is double protection for the preservation sample and your fridge.

You may be wondering: “How long can urine stay good for?” If you are, the answer spends on how you store it.

how long is urine good for?

Tip #4

Store the sample in refrigeration if you need it to stay good for about a day. After you take your sample, take your sterile container and place it on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator, away from any food items. Keep in mind that pee carries spreadable bacteria. If it leaks for any reason, you’ll have to do some significant fridge clean-up (the biohazard type).

Tip #5


If you need it to stay good for longer than a day, then we recommend freezing it. A frozen sample can last for a few months and up to a year, from our research. It may stay good even longer than a year since it’s frozen, but a year seems like a reasonable length of time for anything frozen.

Whether you’re trying to preserve it for a day or months at a time, the air-tight, sterile resalable container still applies. If not, you’ll not only risk the liquid leaking and ruining your fridge, but also risk bacteria getting into the sample, making it unusable for testing.

Tip #6

If you don’t have to refrigerate or freeze your pee, (and you’re simply trying to preserve it from the moment you urinate until you get to your doctor’s office), then be sure you keep the container close to your body. Near your lower body or in between your thighs is recommended to retain normal body heat. Remember that pee doesn’t come out cold, so you don’t want to expose it to cooler temperatures for too long unless you’re meaning to preserve it in refrigeration.


Tip #7

no sunlight

Don’t expose your urine to direct sunlight. Sun rays are powerful and may change the composition of your sample. Remember, urine is used to being in the dark. It only comes out to the light when you dispose of it.

If you’re going to keep your pee in the fridge or freezer, your refrigerator’s light is likely to come on every time you open the door. Even if you take out the light bulb, some light will come in from the outside every time you open the refrigerator door. For this, we recommend placing your urine in either a brown paper bag (double it, if possible) or a black plastic bag (also double it, if you can). This will prevent light exposure to your urine.

Tip #8

If you’ve correctly preserved your urine in the freezer and it’s time to thaw it out for use, be sure to leave it out to thaw out normally. This will ensure that your preserved pee maintains the quality it retained while refrigerated. Do not force thaw it! Some say that microwaving your preserved urine may ruin the quality and break down some of its essential compositions, making it unacceptable for testing. However, we say it’s plain unacceptable because that’s where you cook your food.

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If you need to thaw it quickly, having it sit in hot water may preserve its qualities better than microwaving it.

Tip #9

synthetic urine

Some people opt to use synthetic solutions. This can be a great solution if you’re looking for alternate uses for urine, such as pranking your college roommates. Rather than spending the time to “pee in a cup” or freezing it, synthetic pee is a great option. Quick Fix is synthetic urine that keeps for months at a time, and it can be used anytime. It even comes with a heating pad to simulate the temperature of real pee. If you’re going for that April Fool’s Day prank, don’t spend your time urinating in a cup and purchasing a sterilized container. Instead, order Quick Fix, and you’ll have perfect liquid body waste that you can use on demand!

The Short of It

Whatever method you use to preserve human urine, be sure to be clean, use a sterile container and keep it away from the light. Make sure that you follow the tips that we have laid out for you, this will increase your chances of keeping the sample fresh. Although, we just want to note that even if you follow the whole process to the letter, there is no guarantee that it will stay genuine throughout the duration. There's a lot that can go wrong and it is never guaranteed. 

So, if you want a fool-proof solution to passing your next drug test then a better option for you might be to use synthetic urine. It's a popular solution these days especially with the rise of random drug testing. 

With many brands out there like Quick Fix, you don't have to worry about failing a drug test anymore. 

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