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Our #1 DIY Synthetic Urine Recipe

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Last Updated On: January 2020

It sounds like a silly idea to try and make your own fake urine at home, but as soon as you consider the idea of asking someone to use their pee, it seems a lot saner.

One of the most searched phrases online is "how to make fake pee."

Fake homemade urine can help you avoid the social awkwardness and potential hygiene issues of using someone else’s pee.

It does, however, present other problems.

Making passable synthetic pee at home is a really hard process that requires some specialty ingredients. Among people who have attempted this, very few come out of it with a pee substitute that they can trust to do the job.

If you are here reading an article about making artificial urine yourself, then I know you are desperate for a solution. Synthetic pee could be your answer, but doing it yourself really reduces your chances of success.

What I want to do here today is give you a heads up on what synthetic pee is, how it works in testing and how you could make it yourself if you are game.

To be clear, I don’t recommend homemade pee, but I want you to know that DIY option is available if you really need it.

How Do Synthetic Products Work?

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Synthetic urine is a chemical mix that is designed to replicate exactly the composition of human piss. It contains all the necessary chemicals and ingredients that testing machines look for in actual urine. 

Well-made products like Quick Fix 6.2, not only looks and smells real, it will also pass through your average urine testing equipment without a problem.

There are a number of pee recipes out there, but what you want is one that creates the right smell (by using ammonia) and the right PH level. These products should also contain urea and uric acid as the laboratory machines actually look for that in the pee sample. 

Below is my recommended chemical list for your own homemade synthetic pee. You will find that this is very similar to the compounds found in professional offerings.

How Do Labs Test For It?

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Drug testing via urine is probably the single most popular way for employers to screen their employees for drugs in both the public and private sector.

It is relatively cheap and easy to conduct these tests, and they can be quite accurate, but by understanding how they work, you can fool them.

More on this later...​

First of all, testers insist on fresh samples to eliminate the chance of substitute urine being used. Some test centers even monitor you while you are giving the sample. So, watch out for that. 

Luckily, there are products on the market such as the popular and ever-so-reliable Monkey Dong and Monkey Whizz, which allows you to deliver fake urine discreetly, even while under observation.


The next hurdle is going for the right temperature. After the sample is taken, its temperature is monitored. This is the single easiest way for the tester to detect fake or artificial urine.

Pee that is not fresh or the right temperature will make the test invalid and drop you into the deep end.

Finally, it comes down to the actual testing of the sample. The tester uses a simple kit to detect traces of drug compounds in your pee. Virtually any drug you can take will pass through your pee and will be detected.

This is of course, where the fake urine comes in.

As discussed already, you can make your own synthetic piss.

However, I think a much better option that also gives you peace of mind is purchasing pre-made synthetic urine like Quick Fix which is a medical-grade product with an extremely high pass rate. 

You can also read our article on what the best method is to pass a drug test. You won't be able to go through it smoothly without our tips - it's complete gold. 


What is the Recipe for Synthetic Urine?

As you can see here, this is not a simple fake urine recipe and to get it right at home, you need the right ingredients. If any are left out, you will not get passable fake piss.

Also, I would not recommend even starting unless you have an accurate scale for small quantities. The quantities listed are small and need to be measured accurately, or the final product will not have the correct chemical mix even if you have the best recipe in the world.

  • Approximately 33 oz of 0.02 M HCl solution
  • 1.9ml of 25% v/v solution of ammonia
  • 14.1g NaCl
  • 2.8g KCl
  • 17.3g urea
  • 0.6g CaCl2
  • 0.43g MgSO4

Now that you have all the ingredients, let's get into how to actually make it. 

How to Make Your Own Artificial Urine:

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OK, so if you got this far then you probably haven’t heeded my warnings – or you are a budding chemist at home – and you want to have a go at making synthetic urine yourself rather than buying a trusted brand (check out the fake ​urine brands that we trust).

Learning how to make synthetic urine can be tricky​ but​ here are the steps.

The first step, of course, is to gather the materials listed above, which on its own is no easy feat. Let’s just assume that you have them though.

The next steps are not the easiest so pay attention here, folks.

  1. Accurately measure all of the dry ingredients and place them into a container that has a capacity of around 40oz. Something that you can carefully seal would work best.
  2. Next, begin adding the wet ingredients, finishing with the 0.02 M HCl solution. Add this solution slowly while mixing. You may not need to use it all. Judge for yourself when the color of your homemade urine seems correct.
  3. You should be able to keep the synthetic urine stored for some time, as long as you do not expose it to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

These relatively simple instructions hide the fact that very few people actually manage to get the ingredients together or measure them in the correct quantities to produce a passable DIY artificial piss.

The real problem is there is no way to tell that you mixed everything correctly until the day of the test, where you risk being found out!


Still unsure on how to create your very own fake pee? See our summary video below!

The Verdict: Can You Really Make Your Own Synthetic Piss To Pass A Drug Test?

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The answer is clearly yes; you can certainly make your own homemade synthetic urine.

But should you? I think that anyone with any kind of common sense would say no to that.

With the hassle of finding all of the necessary chemicals, the problems in measuring the correct quantities and the very real and large risk of messing it all up and being caught, it just isn’t worth it.

What are you saving anyway? $20-25? Come on, man.​

Quick Fix, which is the best synthetic urine on the market is by far the best option. You can find out why by reading the full review here.

Not only is it already mixed for you, but it is proven to work, and you will not have to worry about being caught during your next drug screening.

Drug test screening methodologies get more advanced every year, and the Quick Fix scientists are aware of this, which is why they keep releasing new versions of their product.

Eventually, a homemade solution won't be able to keep up with the testing advancements.​

If you are serious about passing your drug test then click the button below to purchase the latest version of Quick Fix straight from an authorized reseller.


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