Clear Choice Sub-Solution Review:
Is It The Right Choice?

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This review was last updated on February, 2018.

Let’s set the stage: you were at your buddy’s bachelor party the other night and things got a bit out of hand.

Stuff was passed around, you had a few too many and might have made a poor choice. Now you’re faced with a urine test that will determine whether you keep your good paying job or not and you're freaking out.

A lot of trustworthy, dependable fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends have been in the same boat.

All of them faced with dire consequences for making one poorly-timed mistake. A decade ago many of them would have wound up paying an unfair price for that mistake, but today, you don't have to.

That's because today you can pass that piss test by using Clear Choice Sub-Solution synthetic urine.

A quick scan of the internet will provide plenty of anecdotal evidence that Sub-Solution represents your best chance of emerging from a urine test with a clean slate.

But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to test it for myself, so I ordered up a couple of batches of Sub-Solution and ran some tests at home using adulteration strips I found online.

The results were flawless.

What are “adulteration strips”? We’ll get into that below but don’t worry. They’re affordable, easy to find, and reliable.

What's Clear Choice Sub Solution?

clear choice sub solution in 3 packs

There are thousands of urine testing machines out there today being used by companies big and small.

To ensure those machines work like they're supposed to, they need to be tested. A lot.

Did you really think the scientists and technicians who made these machines were peeing into cups all day every day to test them? Of course not. Instead, they created synthetic pee to fill the urine gap.

Once the formula for fake pee was established, it was just a matter of time before it was reproduced by enterprising lab types.

The result: the Sub-Solution synthetic urine we’re talking about here.

It’s the exact same stuff that’s used to calibrate these testing machines, so it will never let you down.

How Did It Get Started?

pee in a test bottle

Clear Choice Sub-Solution opened for business in 2002, and 15 years later they’re still going strong.

I tested this stuff a half-dozen times (and other brands as well) and each time it passed with flying colors.

The product is made from 11 chemical compounds including the all-important urea and is balanced for pH, creatinine, and other markers to ensure it’s a 100% accurate replica of human pee.

To top it off, its gender neutral so it can be used by men and women with equal effectiveness.

Clear choice is so confident with their product they offer a 200% money back guarantee.​

What is Adulteration?

Adulteration doesn’t mean you cheated on your wife; it’s a screening protocol used to determine if a urine sample has been tampered with.

There are lots of sites on the internet where you can purchase adulteration strips that will let you test the fake pee you bought to ensure it's the real deal and will stand up to scrutiny.

Like I said earlier, I tried Sub-Solution a half-dozen times. I used adulteration strips from three different manufacturers just to be sure, and Sub-Solution synthetic urine passed the adulteration test with flying colors every time.

How To Use Sub Solution Properly:

Lab test tubes
  • Remove the cap from the collection container.
  • Using lukewarm tap water fill the container to about 90% full.

Important: Don’t throw the cap away, don’t open the synthetic urine sample until you’re ready to use it and don’t open the heat activator vial unless you need it.

  • Add the entire contents of the Sub-Solution synthetic urine sample vial to the water in the collection container.
  • Screw the cap back on the collection container and gently shake the container until all the powder has dissolved in the water.

Note: You can mix the synthetic sample with the water as much as 8 hours before use.

About the Heat Activator - The purpose of the heat activator is to raise the temperature of the sample to between 96°F and 100°F, which is what would be expected from a valid human sample. If you notice that the sample is already within that range before it's time to submit it, then you don't need to use the Heat Activator.

That’s it! You’re good to go.

Does It Really Work?


The short answer is "Yes". Especially if the sample is prepared right.

There was a period a while back where the testing machine manufacturers added a wrinkle where new machines began screening for urea, which you’d expect to find in human urine.

As a result, people who were using fake pee that contained only uric acid were failing their tests. (Even today, manufacturers are selling fake pee to unsuspecting customers that only contains uric acid. Basically, they're screwing their customers to make a fast buck.)

Clear Choice includes urea in all their samples, so there's no chance yours is going to raise a urea red flag.

Where Can I Buy Clear Choice Sub-Solution?

For a number of reasons (mostly because you don’t want to be seen in a drug store buying fake pee) almost all artificial urine products are sold online and that includes Sub-Solution.

You might be able to buy fake piss from a smoke shop, but you can be sure it will be of little value.

Instead, stick to buying it online from the official manufacturer, they feature same day shipping as well. You should also order more than you think you’ll need - just in case something happens to one of your samples. It will cost a few bucks more but your job security is worth it.

Clear Choice Sub-Solution is the highest quality synthetic urine on the market today and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s easy to purchase, easy to use, and has a success rate  so high, they offer a 200% money-back guarantee.

If your job is important enough to you that you’re willing to submit to random drug screening, then you owe it to yourself to pass those tests no matter what.

Sub-Solution synthetic urine gives you the best possible chance of doing that.

Don't mess around with half-assed, low-quality scams that will cost you your job. We've included a link to their official website down at the bottom where you can buy their products on sale until the end of February. 

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